Víctor Font urges Barça to sign Èric Garcia for € 3M

The center-back would not get paid until the end of the season and Manchester City would sell him for a fixed plus variable 3 million.


Víctor Font put the first big bomb of the electoral campaign. The candidate claimed to have reached an agreement in principle, "it is not a formal agreement", with Manchester City to sign Eric García in the winter market "for three million fixed plus variable", but on the condition that "no would pay now but next season ”, so in the accounts of this season“ it would only cost 230,000 euros in amortizations ”, in addition the player's salary would also be postponed until next season,“ the player is crazy to come and accepts it too ".

Regarding the variables to be paid to the City, he commented that "it is something that would have to be negotiated", but that these are "irrelevant" amounts, especially "with respect to the amounts that were discussed four months ago."

Font acknowledged that the financial situation of the team is "serious", but recalled that "we are a football club, not a company. We have to try to make the team more competitive because at Barça there is no transition year" .

The candidate claimed, "it can be said that I demand" that the Manager make a rethinking about the signing of the young central defender from City, and more especially Joan Laporta, one of the strongest defenders of not incorporating the squad player yet, "Laporta explains that one of his objectives is to motivate Koeman when he is president. How are you going to motivate him if the only request he makes of you is dismissed? " In any case, he recalled that "Laporta is just one more candidate and does not decide anything, here the one who decides is the Management Board" .

Font made it clear that "we have to put the interests of the club before those of the candidates", highlighting that "if Koeman wants it, the Manager is willing, the player wants to come, our candidacy also accepts it, what is the problem?" .

Likewise, he assured that "Eric García is disappointed by his frustrated signing. For him it is essential to play and have minutes, also thinking about the Eurocup."

Font explained that Koeman left them a bleak outlook in the meeting they had with the coach: "He explained to us that Piqué is not expected to recover until April, that Umtiti is in the situation that he is, that Mingueza is playing right back, and that only has Lenglet and Araújo. God willing they are not injured ".

Regarding the future of Leo Messi, the candidate is convinced that the Argentine star will not move until he speaks with the new president: "I believe Messi at face value, if he says that he will wait for the new president to decide, that reassures me. one of our priorities is to talk to him on March 8th ".

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