Vettel gets on the Aston Martin ... and surprises with his new look

The British firm welcomes the German, its new pilot, who visited the factory to make the seat with a look that does not go unnoticed.


End of January and Formula 1 2021 has already started for many. Sainz and Leclerc roll with the Ferrari in Fiorano, Tsunoda does it with the Alpha Tauri in Ímola, McLaren starts its Mercedes engine ... And others, even if it is in a factory and on chassis supports, also get on the car with which will compete this season. Such is the case of Sebastian Vettel, who has visited the Aston Martin team factory in Silverstone to sit in the cockpit of his new car and make his seat.

A preliminary step that all pilots take every year, those who start their equipment with more reason, and that beyond that news leaves another that has not been slow to be widely commented: the new aspect of the German. In the video that the British team published on its social networks welcoming Seb, who will accompany Stroll to replace Pérez, the four-time champion, a hair loss that is really striking. An unpublished image to start a stage in Vettel's long career in the World Cup.

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