Vermote's amazing trip to Spain in search of a contract

The Belgian, a former Deceuninck and Cofidis among others, was left without a team for this season and decided to make his own preseason in Calpe while waiting for an opportunity.


Julien Vermote wants to remain a professional cyclist, so he continues to behave like a professional cyclist. The Belgian, who raced with Cofidis last season, has run out of a team for the present, but he is not giving up. He has decided to do exactly what he was doing until now at this time and this week he landed in Calpe for his own preseason.

"You have to move, otherwise you will definitely not go anywhere. And you could regret it later," he assures in an interview with Cyclingnews. This year it was his turn to buy the flights, board his bike and ride it later, rent an AirBnB to stay in ... "The situation is not pleasant, but in the end you are a professional and you know what to do. I keep training because I'm still waiting for an opportunity. And if you are given a chance, you have to be prepared. "

Vermote is calm. He assures that he has already done "solo" training other times and still maintains "the same trainer", something that makes life "easier" for him. "I still feel like I have a structure behind that supports me," he acknowledges.

He thinks he's not "finished" yet, although that reputation he earned as Cavendish's pitcher at Deceuninck and Dimension Data (now Qhubeka-Assos) seems to have faded. "I have had many contacts, but if you do not receive a specific offer you really have nothing, especially in a year like this," he says. It has certainly been a complicated market, which has seen the CCC disappear from the peloton.

"It is not that the teams are full, it is that some do not want to fill the gaps they have. Most of the signings have been neo-professionals," he explains. He believes that this trend is due to the explosion of the Pogacar, Evenepoel and company. While waiting for a new contract that may not arrive, he remains stoic: "It's difficult to define how I feel. There are many feelings about it. In the end, I can't do much about it. I have to stay motivated."

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