Upset in Gernika: "We can organize a concert but not a match"

The president, Candina, outraged with the restrictive measures of the Basque Government: "It is an incongruity that I do not quite understand." The team prepares the Eurocup.


In the Basque Country, the public cannot attend the pavilions that host matches under the FEB umbrella, but there are in other communities. This causes a loss for teams like Gernika, which compete in unequal conditions with respect to some rivals. The president of the provincial team did not bite his tongue this morning in the preview of the Eurocup group stage, which will be played next week in the Valencia bubble. It is in a very open Group F. On Tuesday 19 he will start against La Roche Vendee, a day later he will face the also French Carolo Basket and on Friday 22 they will close the phase against Ciudad de La Laguna Tenerife. The first two finishers will go to the next round, which will also be in bubble format, between March 14 and 19.

"We are in a situation like everyone else, very delicate. I had never been so overwhelmed and in a hurry, and we have to see how we are going to finish the season. It is not the argument of the day, but the latest news of the restrictions of pandemic that does not allow us to have an audience in Maloste ... we were counting on that since they were going to let the competitions in federated teams and training in school sports begin, we could have people. The Basque Government has not accepted our request to include our partners with minimum capacity and we will continue to be one of the few autonomous communities that does not allow the public to enter our pavilions ", explained Candina.

The Gernika leader has gone further: "The situation is as it is, it is not a total criticism of the restrictive policy of the Basque Government, I understand that they do so because the situation is very serious, but we have also shown in the initial two months that We played the competition that we have done very well even Ertzaintza itself has congratulated us. We have had a system of entrances and exits of the pavilion with all the doors, gel .. we have disinfected the pavilion, there has been no case of COVID and it shocks me that we can organize a Gatibu concert and not a basketball concert in this sports facility, it is an incongruity that I do not quite understand ".

The coach, Mario López, stuck to sports issues. "The players have experience and they know that what happens in the first match is not decisive, but it is important to start by winning to gain sensations. We are going to have to be 100 percent in all matches," said the Biscayan coach.

López recalled that in the design of last summer they took into account this European competition to make "a longer squad, with two players per position", which he hopes will help them "not to suffer with matches so closely" .

He confirmed that he will not be able to count on Marta Alberdi, but also on the escort Rosó Buch, just recovered from an ankle injury. "It will be difficult for him to play many minutes in the three games, but surely he can help us," he advanced.

Before playing in this group stage, Lointek Gernika will have to play their Endesa League match against Al-Qázeres on Friday. The Basque club asked that the match be brought forward to Thursday, but according to the coach, the Extremadura entity rejected the change of date. "They have not wanted to change and their reasons will have, although I think they had options to do so. It upsets us for many reasons. We have one less day of preparation and a PCR to spend 72 hours before the bubble that we were going to do on Friday at the tomorrow and we have asked FIBA to advance it to Thursday. We are waiting for them to confirm us, "lamented López.

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