Tyler Dorsey liquidates Madrid

The Greek international (30 points and 36 PIR) leads Maccabi to victory in a highly tense final. Carroll loses the ball in the last attack.


The outcome was one that seems designed in advance, having a well-written script with increasing tension, although Carroll's bad bounce, which led him to lose the ball in the last attack, when Madrid could win or draw, It did not live up to what we had seen. It wasn't the best option for Boom Boom to run from field to field bouncing. Tails came out, second defeat in a row in four days. In the Madrid ranks, the casualties and the kilometers traveled began to weigh, with Tavares and Thompkins in high demand. Between them, with great help from Abalde, they almost reached the shore in triumph. But no, Maccabi beat because he showed more offensive talent on the perimeter, more ability to combine different weapons even on a loose day for Elijah Bryant and Wilbekin's regular. He had another threat, the definitive one, that of the Greek-American guard Tyler Dorsey, the liquidator: 30 points with only 14 shots (7 of 9 of two and 4 of 5 of three) for 36 of valuation. All that and that the scriptwriter in Tel Aviv wore yellow.

Madrid completed a dreamed first quarter, only missing one Yad Eliyahu to burst to make it perfect. And to have kept a closer eye on Dorsey, who nailed three 3-pointers without a missed start, and Bender another unopposed forward. In attack, the whites embroidered it with an unusual quintet, with Alocén at the base, plus Taylor, Abalde, Thompkins and Tavares. The ball circulated and the players circulated, a lot of mobility, of the incisor, and good passes. And right, of course. Before the first act was over, Real reached their maximum advantage: 19-31 after making 8 of 8 of two and 5 of 7 of three, with 10 assists (5 from Abalde) and no losses, insurmountable. And if Maccabi did not dismount, it was because he responded with a 6 of 9 from the perimeter. Laso used ten players at the beginning and Sfairopoulos, eleven and what was really noticed was the rest of Tavares.

Tyus came in somewhat slow of mind and charged with three fouls. The yellow reaction came without Wilbekin and without Bender or Zizic, with little DiBartolomeo (MVP of the old Fuenlabrada summer league) and Othello Hunter. 16-2 partial. Madrid faded and was kept afloat by Carroll's success, 9 of the 13 goals for his team in that second quarter. The pulse entered a phase of tension, without the initial joy, Causeur was premiered in the third act by Taylor as the only change of the initial quintet. Dorsey's success was answered by a grown Thompkins, who took advantage of rival defensive pressure to stay free.

Trey (28:30 on the track) and Tavares (32:53) accumulated fatigue with no relief in sight. They couldn't sit down without their team paying dearly. Between the two they accumulated 35 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists and a PIR of 47. And Thompkins was missed in an important stretch at the end, when Laso opted for a more defensive quintet and Laprovittola. The Argentine was the weakest link and did not hold Dorsey.

The outcome, despite everything, was a tightrope walker. A 2 + 1 from the hero of the night gave Sfairopoulos an advantage in the last moves of the chess game (83-80), but Deck made four free throws and it was reached with 8 seconds left with 85-84 and served from the side for the Maccabi. Taylor was called unsportsmanlike for not having the ball in play, when Hunter's block seemed to make it move, and Othello missed both free throws. The new serve was resolved with another Instant Replay to see who had thrown the ball out in the Wilbekin-Taylor contest. Very difficult to get wet and the referees whistled yellow. The next, missing: Wilbekin missed one of the two attempts and gave Madrid hope. Carroll received almost under his hoop and ran from field to field, hesitating on the 3 and just after fumbled the ball on the bounce. It wasn't the play. Ugly icing on a pretty thriller.

Photos from as.com
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