Toby Price's miracle

The Australian from KTM completed the marathon second with a cracked rear wheel after fixing it with cable ties and American tape.


"Cross your fingers and toes for me today, guys", asked his followers on 'Twitter' before leaving for the eighth stage Toby Price. I was not exaggerating ... Completing the stage in the conditions in which it started was already a feat, and doing it in the position in which it was done, second, and giving only one minute with Cornejo, a true miracle. Anyone who saw yesterday how the Australian KTM had to repair his rear wheel wouldn't have given a penny for it.

One of the unique rules established by the marathon stage for motorcycles was that they had to complete their two days on the same tires, with the risks that this entailed. You had to try to take care of them as much as possible, therefore, and Price sure did try, but he arrived at Sakaka's bivouac with the back rubber completely cracked. Then he took some cable ties and duct tape and fixed it as best he could. It sounded like a fudge, but it was effective.

When he arrived at the KTM tent in Neom he was greeted with applause for the effort. "I tried to fix everything I could and when I got to refuel at Km 229, I saw that I still had a bridle on! I didn't think I would reach the finish line, much less second in the stage and still second in the general classification! good to see that the Michelin tire can take me to the finish line even with a big cut, "he wrote in his networks. You can be happy.

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