To tie up Haaland's father is to tie up the fashion forward

Alfie Haaland, the star's father and former footballer, is her main advisor and works alongside Mino Raiola on her future. The forward has recognized that he is his role model.


Erling Haaland (20) is one of the most coveted jewels in European football. The Norwegian, currently at Borussia Dortmund, is on the list of the largest on the continent, including Real Madrid, which is thinking of him for 2022. He would be one of the cornerstones of the renewed project planned by the Whites, although all It will depend on the economic aspect, seriously resented by the coronavirus crisis.

Another key aspect of signing Haaland will be convincing those around him that Real Madrid is the best option for him. Mino Raiola, the well-known super agent, is already working on finding him a team in which he can compete for the most important titles while continuing to grow, and the Chamartín club is on the list. However, the most important person in the forward's environment is his father, Alfie Haaland.

Alfie (Alf-Inge is his real name) is a former footballer who played in the Premier League during the 1990s and early 2000s. After debuting and playing for several years with Norwegian Bryne, he signed for Nottingham Forest in 1994 Three years later he moved to Leeds, and another three years later, he signed for Manchester City. This last stage was marked by a kick from Roy Keane as revenge for a previous encounter. He smashed her knee. He had to undergo four surgeries, but to no avail, stopping playing in 2003. He tried to resume the activity in 2011 with the modest Rosseland BK of Norway, where he spent two years before his official retirement.

Reference for Erling

Since childhood, Alfie has been very present in Erling's career. Before and after Raiola's arrival in the life of the Haalands, he has helped his son by acting as a counselor and representative. In fact, their relationship is intimate, being his main reference both in football and in other areas of his life. They constantly talk about the matches and the aspects that the forward needs to improve. It was he who encouraged his son to accept the first offer from Salzburg and, later, to go to Borussia Dortmund, always under the supervision of Mino, in charge of negotiating with the clubs.

He also ensures that he does not deviate from the path that a professional footballer should follow. For example, when a video of Erling being kicked out of a nightclub in Norway went viral, Alfie publicly reprimanded him. "Go back to work. The night in the big city is not for you," he posted on his social media.

"To be better than he was is one of my goals. I have many role models, but my father is probably the most important," the attacker acknowledged in an interview for the Bundesliga.

One more commission in the transfer

In case Madrid or any other club decide to go for Haaland, they must bear in mind that they will have to pay a large amount in commissions. Part of them will be distributed between the agent and the player's father, as happened when he joined Dortmund. According to reports from England and Norway, Raiola took 15 million from that signing, while the father pocketed 8. In addition, Alfie also usually specifies the conditions of his son's contracts with the agent, with the idea that it is the most profitable for your future.

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