Thiago, before his long-awaited and silent debut

Since signing for Liverpool in September, the Spanish player has yet to play a single game at Anfield. He will do it on Sunday against United and could be a starter.


Liverpool will host Manchester United in a quieter match than Anfield would have liked. The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in Britain and has forced to close what little stadiums had been opened. No public. Liverpool had barely seen 2,000 fans in each of their games against Wolverhampton, Tottenham and West Brom, but to host United they won't even have that breath. Something sad for Thiago Alcántara. The Spanish player, having overcome his knee problems, will finally make his debut at Anfield.

First the Coronavirus and then the articulation have prevented Thiago from being at Klopp's disposal in most of the matches. So far he has played only 285 minutes divided into five minutes at Liverpool, but in none of them has he been able to read the "This is Anfield" in the tunnel before jumping onto the grass in the temple 'red'. He hasn't been that lucky yet. Little by little he picks up the rhythm again.

Thiago has played in Liverpool's last three games and in one half of Mersey's city he is seen almost as a winter signing. He came off the bench against Newastle and Aston Villa and played the full game against Southampton. It is not ruled out that he could start again on Sunday against United, the leader of the competition. From England it is said that Kloop is considering giving a new air to his core, somewhat downcast lately. Thiago can provide the necessary fluency for this. For the former Bayern player, playing such a game from the start could not cause him any more excitement.

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