They stick for Alaba

Madrid has already drawn up an agreement for four years and 11 million. City's offer is the best. PSG, Liverpool, United and Chelsea are in the bidding and Barça is looking for a way.

The delicate situation caused by the pandemic places David Alaba as a market option that is difficult to match. The 28-year-old Austrian defender, having flatly rejected Bayern's offer to renew last October, ends his contract next summer and is torn between major offers from Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, PSG and the Real Madrid. To this day, the white club maintains a privileged position to undertake the signing. The harmony between both parties is very positive and there is a design agreement that would reach a four-year contract and a salary of around 11 million euros net. However, despite some information, nothing is closed. From Madrid they emphatically deny the agreement, as well as from Alaba's most direct environment, which places April and May as key dates to decide and announce the future of the player.

Madrid is on pole for Alaba, but the auction continues. The parameters of the economic proposal of the Madrid entity do not cover the initial claims of the defender, who demanded at least from Bayern 13 million net per year and five years of contract. Other offers that you have on the table do come close and even exceed this amount. "Manchester City reaches 14 million, not counting bonuses and commission. It is almost double what Madrid gives," confirm sources close to the talks. Liverpool, at the request of Klopp, does not lower his insistence either, but the main problem is that the sum of money that Alaba asks for would place him as the highest paid of the squad above Salah and that reality can generate suspicions in the net changing room.

At the Bernabéu, in no case, are they going to enter a war of numbers. They are willing to assume an amount close to 11 million euros, even at the risk of departing from the austerity line imposed by the coronavirus and of accommodating the Austrian player in the third salary ladder only behind Hazard (14 million), Ramos if he continues (12) and Benzema (12). That disbursement is already considered a more than appropriate effort. Hence, all parties remain cautious about what may happen.

Madrid's main advantage is its status over other teams and also Alaba's old aspiration to play in Spanish football. In recent seasons there have been several occasions that the logical interest in a footballer of his category crossed the border of simple monitoring and his incorporation was seriously attempted. Both Madrid and Barcelona took steps in this direction together with George Alaba, the player's father. At that time he was the person in charge, with the help of intermediaries and lawyers, to handle the contractual affairs of his son. Now, the famous representative Pini Zahavi, whom the Honorary President of Bayern Uli Hoennes has described as "greedy piranha", directs the destiny of the player, always under the supervision of George Alaba. This is not a minor issue, among other reasons, due to the commission requested by the Israeli agent. Some voices say that it claims up to 15 million.

The presence of the contradictory figure of Zahavi, who already tried unsuccessfully to guide Lewandowski to Madrid, causes that nothing can ever be taken for granted. It is there where Barcelona appears, in a clear condition of inferiority due to the tensions of its treasury. However, the remote possibility, "almost impossible" according to various sources, that Alaba ends up at the Camp Nou cannot be ruled out right now. At the request of the powerful agent, he awaits the result of the Blaugrana elections before committing himself to anyone. Zahavi is known both for his fame as a tough negotiator and for the good relationship he has with Joan Laporta. The candidate for the presidency of Barcelona is confident that he can turn the situation around and probes financial engineering formulas to make the signing possible. Víctor Font, another of the candidates, has also engaged in direct conversations with Zahavi.

In any case, Madrid calmly walks the final steps of the operation. Your offer is there and you will not fall into any bid that triggers the price. At the sporting level, the consensus of the advisability of betting on Alaba is total, both in Zidane - he requested it in 2016 - and in the offices. Their technical and physical abilities, their maturity and, above all, their versatility in being able to act as a central, winger or midfielder are valued. With the renewal of Ramos in doubt, although his arrival is not initially subject to the farewell of the Madrid captain, Madrid have moved on for the Bayern player. The opposition of other major Europeans and the market's own situation prevent us from ensuring that Alaba will be seen in white next year. There is nothing decided. The City, the United and the PSG do not give up, the Liverpool looks for the form and the Barcelona is an incognito that cannot be eliminated. No club, yes, is better placed than Madrid at the moment.

The recognition controversy

David Alaba's environment denies that he has undergone any medical examination with Real Madrid - a fact that would be illegal, they claim - and maintains that the check-up to which he underwent was made to arrange private insurance in case of injury before resolving its future, as well as as certified proof of the good health of the footballer for the clubs interested and immersed in the negotiation.

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