There is relief for Marcelo

If he leaves in the summer, Madrid have options for the future at 'La Fábrica'. Miguel Gutiérrez, Fran García, De la Víbora, Obrador ... Valdebebas surte of 'treses'.


Marcelo has gotten on his feet and the best proof of this is that he has signed a personal fitness trainer and has bought a revolutionary bed to reduce injuries. This summer he will enter his last year of contract and last year he was able to go to Italy. If he leaves now, a gap opens to be the three substitute for Mendy, the master with Zidane on the left side. The club is still in savings mode due to the pandemic, so Valdebebas could come to the rescue.

At La Fábrica an interesting brood of new left-handers with a lot of offensive projection is emerging, just the profile that Marcelo offers and that is complemented by that offered by Mendy. One of those three is doing the military in Vallecas, on loan from Rayo. This is Fran García, an U21 international and one of the most prominent in the Franco-red team that is fighting for promotion. In Valdebebas there are three more that come with force.

Fran García, a hurricane also as a winger

The roadrunner from Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) is gaining experience in a leading Second Division team, Rayo. At the age of 21, he is leaving his two serious shoulder injuries that slowed down his progression in the white quarry. This campaign was transferred and in Vallecas he is standing out a lot. As a franjirrojo he is the owner of the left wing and his offensive aspect makes him extreme potential, a position he knows because he played there for Castilla. Fran has temporarily left, but Madrid is very attentive to his evolution ... 444 444Miguel Gutiérrez, the total 'three '

At 19 years old he is ready to make his debut with Madrid at any time because Zidane has him under his wing since March and Madrid has him armored until 2024. A protectionist movement and trust in the boy because the Premier was knocking more and more insistently on his door with dizzying offers. He was the top scorer, along with the Latasa tip and despite being a winger, in that splendid final phase of the Youth League that the Juvenile won with Raúl. He scored four goals, including one in the final against Benfica. In the National Team they see him reaching very far and it is common in the Sub-19 of Santi Denia. "He will be top, he is perfect for Madrid," praised U-17 coach David Gordo at AS. For now, this idea of expanding his radius of action has been developed by Raúl now in Castilla, where he is also using Gutiérrez as a left-handed winger. He only has to make his official debut with the first team, because he already did it in a friendly the friendly in Munich against Fenerbahçe in the summer of 2019, thus being the first youth squad born in the XXI century who managed to put on the elastic of the elders.

De la Víbora and Obrador, Youth Solutions

Another left-handed winger with a lot of projection is De la Víbora, international in the lower categories until the U-17 and who has just turned 18. His striking hair and his media profile do not hide a side that has been growing like foam in the white house. Bale's agency has represented him for two years and has a professional contract with Madrid, a measure that the entity took to cool the interest shown by powerful clubs such as PSG, Liverpool and Juventus.

Rafel Obrador (18 years old), also in the Youth category, is a newcomer to the white quarry. Leaving aside the prodigy Luka Romero, he was the most followed jewel of Mallorca. Last season this left-back was called up three times by Vicente Moreno and made his official debut at El Sadar, playing four minutes in Primera. The white club has been making attempts for five years to sign him and finally succeeded at the beginning of last October. As he had renewed with Mallorca until 2024, Madrid was forced to pay a transfer and Rafel signed until 2023 to be an immediate reference for the white Youth.

The return of Reguilón, the letter in the sleeve

It is the possibility of greater immediate impact, but repeating Reguilón, the white youth squad, represents an economic cost in a year in which Madrid will have to carefully look at their expenses. Repurchasing it would force the Real Madrid entity to pay € 40M, € 10M more than what he received in his sale to Tottenham de Mourinho. The main obstacle in addition to the monetary one would be that he has never been a saint of Zidane's devotion. The boy has assumed it, as he admitted in his recent interview in AS ("I was not surprised that Zidane did not speak to me"). As long as the Marseillais continues, Regui is Marcelo's potential replacement who has it more complicated.

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