The Wolves sink a little further without Ricky, Juancho, and Towns

The team led by Ryan Sunders does not lift its head. Ninth loss of the season for a team affected by losses and last in the West.


For the first time in history, the initials of a person presided over a franchise jersey: "MLK", it sported the Hawks' kit. Tribute to Martin Luther King and redemption for themselves. When things go wrong, you have to change, and beyond the clothes, the State Farm Arena showed renewed airs. The Atlanta Falcon was where it usually is, but like a polychrome stained glass window, as if it were the glass of a church. Appropriate. Both teams needed a good sermon. The locals arrived after losing six of the last seven games. The Wolves, as the worst team in the West: three wins and eight losses. Dramatic. Now there are nine. More dramatic.

It didn't seem like the best day to stop the bleeding. Neither Ricky nor Juanho were there, both following the sanitary protocols of the competition. Nor Karl-Anthony Towns, confirmed positive and in the middle of an excessive martyrdom for anyone. Ryan Saunders had to invent, but without Towns it's like one of those impossible puzzles: over 1000 pieces and none seem to fit. The Wolves, more injured than ever, arrived after receiving 80 points in the paint against Memphis. In general terms, they are the team that receives the most points in the area. And Atlanta put its finger on the sore. During several sections of the game, Collins and Capela shared the track, two centers, as before, and they put on their boots. The first finished with 15 points and 7 rebounds; the second, with 23 and 15. More than one will pull their hair in Houston. More so.

D'Angelo Russel (31 + 7) was the only one who believed in the march towards a promised land that, right now, does not exist. He scored, as is usual for him, but he also temporized, as it is not so much. The same role was taken by Tare Young, who finished with 20 points and 13 assists. He did not finish outlining the rifle, but when he takes it out, he does it for real: six goals were from that renewed logo, which gives it a certain heavenly aura. The other side of the coin, the losses, up to six for him at the end of the game and 26 in total for the team. Twelve of them, in the second quarter. That's what Minnesota breathed.

Illusions and thumps

The second half started with the same protagonists: Russell's triple and assistance at full speed for a freight train like Okogie. Seven point partial and tie on the scoreboard (58-58). It seemed that the Wolves were resurrecting ... but no. Again. As if it were a representation of his last years. Illusions interspersed with bumps, and proportional. This was followed by a 12-2 partial, with Trae Young watching him from the bench and sealed with one of the dunks of the season: ball through the skies, by Heurter, and Collins mercilessly lowering it. A constant déjà vu.

From the 71-78 with which the last quarter began (something to hold on to) it went to 78-93, with a triple by Hunter. Three minutes from the end, Beasley's turn, to adjust everything again (89-95) ... and fall again. A (horrifying) 3-point attempt by d'Angello Russell with one minute remaining would dictate sentence. Broken glass in Minnesota. The Wolves have committed all the deadly sins, they know them, but they keep repeating them. Another day of penance. Now under the stained glass window of Atlanta, for now, immaculate.

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