The untimely celebration of Drinkwater sets fire to the networks

His celebratory photo on social media has been interpreted as celebrating Lampard's dismissal; He denies it: "I didn't know anything, I just wanted to express my desire to play."


Danny Drinkwater has been on loan for half his life. Since he was signed in 2017 by Chelsea from Leicester, he has only played 23 games for the Blues, and since Chelsea signed Lampard in July 2019, the chances for Drinkwater have been reduced to zero. Since then, assignments to Burnley, Aston Villa and just a few days ago to Turkish Kasımpasa.

Today Drinkwater has had the gift of awkwardness by posting a celebratory photo on their social media, in a post that many have thought was a provocation when interpreted as celebrating Lampard's dismissal. Chelsea-loaned midfielder Danny Drinkwater apologized for sharing a social media post that netizens thought he was celebrating Frank Lampard's firing.

Realizing the mess, due to comments from netizens, he deleted it. And instead he put a new publication in which Drinkwater clarified what happened: "I had not heard of the news at the time of publishing it; I just wanted to express how much I miss playing" .

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