The trident of PSG makes waters

In the victory against Angers by the minimum, the best was Keylor Navas. 'L'Équipe' suspends the Parisian trident. "Mbappé, in the shade and against the current".

It is not usual that in PSG victories the headlines are not accompanied by the names of Neymar, Mbappé and Di María, the three points of the dangerous Parisian trident. Well, in the victory against Angers (0-1), it was Kurzawa, scorer of the night, and Keylor Navas, impregnable wall, the positive protagonists of the match. The Tico prevented the local goal with an impressive point-blank save from Diony's header, while the full-back shortened the match and maintained the stable march of Pochettino's PSG. A '7' for Keylor and a '6' for Layvin were the notes that L'Équipe gave them, the goalkeeper being the only player of the match with a notable. Ratings very different from those received by the team's stars.

Neymar, Di María and Mbappé. The trident on which PSG's successes are founded, or should be founded, was wrecked during the visit to Angers, in their first match together since the change of manager. L'Équipe suspended them all, but one of them stood out below the rest: Kylian Mbappé. The '7' completed a match lacking edge and mordant. Characteristics that make Real Madrid sigh for him and to which we were accustomed. His first 45 minutes were to forget and this is how he is described in the middle: "A first half in the shade and against the current. With ostentatious technical gestures (...). He has not yet scored in 2021." Mbappé would be replaced at 80 minutes by Pablo Sarabia and would receive a '3' by the French newspaper, for the '4' that 'Neymar and Di María would sign up.

Although none of the three was particularly successful, the Argentine and the Brazilian did give a better attitude than their partner. Ney started from the midfielder, behind a Moise Kean who beat Icardi once again (although this time he did not take the opportunity), "with a lot of freedom of movement, but without being really decisive. He improved a little in the second part ... ", completes L'Équipe. As for Di María: "Lack of technique and precision in passes and crosses in the first half. It improves slightly at the time of play ...".Doubt installed

If none enjoyed a placid match in Angers, Mbappé was the only one who did not enjoy any light. In addition to ending the match visibly angry and upset at the time of being substituted. The 22-year-old attacker has not started the new year in the best of ways. Although he is still the top scorer in Ligue 1 (12 goals), in 2021 there are already four games without seeing a goal and comments about his attitude on the field are becoming common.This Saturday he made it clear that the change was not to his liking, while in previous games he received a 'slap on the wrist' by a Jerome Rothen who knows the house well (he played for PSG for five years). From his position as an analyst for 'RMC' he stated that "it goes against the way his teammates play." No one doubts their abilities, but it is their attitudes that should be of concern within the capital as a whole.

And it is that we cannot forget that Kylian's contract ends in 2022 and the renewal does not finish channeling, with Real Madrid crouched and waiting for the multiple winks that both parties have dedicated over the years to end up becoming a relationship work from 2021. Rothen pointed out that Pochettino has a job with his star and after what happened against Angers, his argument becomes more important. Murphy's wanted to reach out to his pupil recently ("I'm very happy with his involvement"), but we'll see how he fights this new situation and if he manages to put out the fire before it's too late ...

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