The Nets already scare the Lakers: "It will be a fun battle"

The new Big Three from the East begins to fuel and instill fear. Anthony Davis, recently, has assured that they can be his main stumbling block.


The new Big Three of the NBA begins to count its games by victories. After the stumbles in front of the Cavaliers of an All Star-tuned Sexton, the Nets have spread their wings. There are only three games, yes; but it also shows the offensive potential (and not so offensive) that the team can have. Against the Miami Heat, he had to put on his overalls, and it was done, without excuses for stardom; against the Hawks, the new trident added 89 points; vs. Oklahoma, Durant resting, Harden-led scoring feast. Deployment of alternatives and arguments.

The equation is giving the expected result. There were two possibilities, and it is being expensive. After his return, Kyrie Irving averages 29 points and 5.2 assists, retirement has been good for him and, if he has found inner peace, he has passed it on to James Harden. "La Barba", with an immediate performance that is far from his last images with the Rockets, is reinventing himself. He is not doing anything he did not know how to do, or did not do before; but it exploits what is good for the team and reduces what would throw the balance out of balance. Against the Hawks, he added his third triple-triple double (in eight games) dressed in black, it is his lowest-scoring season since leaving Oklahoma, but also the most assistant of his career. Kyrie and James, James and Kyrie do not get in the way, they consult the compass together and distribute in a fluid way, without overlapping spaces or claiming more possession than they should. Durant, meanwhile, is Durant; the best possible news after starting the season after 552 days of inactivity. Seconds in the East and 13 wins, with the Bucks, Pacers and Celtics behind them and only the Sixers of an Embiid in MVP mode ahead. Fearsome.

It is still too early to determine the real aspirations of a team with potential for the best, but also to fall from the top. Surely, the necessary additions that are arriving will determine the horizon. The closet and the inner suit are empty, and men like Iman Shumpert, who returns to Brooklyn after being cut last year, will fill it up. In any case, the respect that the Big Apple franchise already instills is unquestionable, even to the almighty Lakers. "They are a threat. They are a team that can score very easily. I think they are the favorites to win the East since Harden arrived. It's going to be a fun battle," Anthony Davis recently confessed to ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols .

Along with Nichols, the power forward also reviewed some of the keys to conquering the past ring. His relationship with LeBron, as good on the court as it was on the court, was one of them; but, on a personal level, he highlighted his state of mind after landing in Los Angeles: "I arrived after six years in New Orleans and we won the championship. I think you win because you are happy. I was happy on and off the track, I was happy and motivated. There are people who are happy after winning, but I belong to the others, to those who need to be happy to be able to do it, "he explained. A championship, which, according to Anthony himself, acquired superior dimensions through Kobe Bryant. His shout in the Conference Finals against the Nuggets is basketball history. "It was not intentional," he recalls. "It just happened and now, 100, 200, 300 or 400 years have passed my name and Kobe's will always be connected." He has only one drawback to everything that has happened in Orlando: "The only thing I didn't like was that we couldn't celebrate the title with a parade. That means we have to win again this year to be able to do it," he explains gracefully. Harden, Irving and Durant, waiting on the corner.

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