The Madrid fan clubs are cornered by the coronavirus

The 2,500 existing Real Madrid supporters' clubs are suffering the terrible effects of the pandemic: no social event has been held and associations have reinvented themselves to continue surviving.

The last Madrid fan club that I had the opportunity to visit personally was that of Lepe (Huelva), called 'Viking Feeling'. It was on March 6, the day that Real Madrid turned 118 years of existence. I remember that the veteran José Antonio Salguero (1981-87) was there, who won two UEFA Cups, two Leagues, a King's Cup and a League Cup with the team of his love. The word coronavirus was from word of mouth during the anniversary dinner, but no one imagined that only eight days later the Government would declare the State of Alarm throughout the country and the mandatory home confinement to begin to alleviate the terrible effects of the pandemic.

I remember that all the clubs, which already had their anniversary events and different social events scheduled and scheduled, reacted calmly and convinced that in a few months the serious health problem would have been resolved. Many postponed their actions for the summer, but as the day approached, they suspended everything to avoid outbreaks and an image of foolishness that would surely have done them a lot of damage.

Now everyone assumes the harsh new reality. Neither a lunch or dinner to celebrate his years of life, nor a meeting in the social venues to watch the matches of his beloved Madrid, nor mus or Parcheesi tournaments, nor children's races promoted with the children of the members of the clubs, nor ... The numbers of contagions are scary and the presidents and directors of each supporters club have been adapting the discourse to the speed with which the different waves of contagion have been punishing our society.Many clubs have reinvented themselves with charity raffles to get food products for the different associations that are in charge of helping those most in need. They have also made their own designs of masks with the shield of the peña and have promoted digital communication between the members so as not to lose the human warmth and contact between them, the emotional key of the supporters.

In sum, they have tried to establish a war economy to survive a situation for which no one was prepared. Some supporters clubs have already closed the lock and disappeared for a simple financial issue, but many resist with the goodwill of their members. Meanwhile, they enjoy and suffer with their Madrid from home. But the irreducible spirit of the peñistas resists. You are unique.

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