The long punishment of Odegaard

From the only 'signing' in summer to being Madrid's 19th in minutes. In Malaga, Zidane did not make him warm up having to go back ... Braking the evolution of the Nordic.


The situation of Martin Odegaard in this Real Madrid of Zidane acquires strange tints and the public discourse of support for Zidane goes on one side and his decisions, on the other. Odegaard has disappeared from the map in the current plans of Marseille to the point that the Nordic did not even receive the instruction from his coach to warm up in a match, against Athletic, in which Madrid fell first 0-2 and then caressed the comeback after that Benzema target. Not for those. For dessert, for 'punishment' or who knows if on his own initiative in the form of personal vindication, the Norwegian was the only substitute who did not play at La Rosaleda (the others were Marcelo, Militao and Isco) who jumped onto the stadium lawn Malaga after the elimination to train with two physios of the club. A meaningful image.

The paradox, in theory, is that Zidane expanded on explaining Odegaard's situation just in the run-up to these Super Cup semifinals when he was asked about how little he uses his pupil. "It is circumstantial, Martin will triumph in Madrid," said Zizou. Between December and January last Odegaard only saw 77 minutes in the painful 2-0 against Shakhtar in Ukraine and even less, 5 testimonial minutes, against Celta in the League. Nothing else. He is the 19th footballer in the squad in game time and he was only seen more than Mariano, Militao, Jovic and Odriozola. An almost zero presence considering that Zidane even looked for a change of drawing to accommodate the Norwegian in a kind of 4-2-3-1 to exploit his movements as a playmaker. In that slate design, Odegaard was the titular in La Cerámica and San Siro. That has been two and a half months and it seems like another completely different movie.A 'signing' that does not play

It is especially striking when Madrid is putting aside rotations and Zidane plays it to a squad of 14. Odegaard has gone from being counted as the natural replacement for Modric that he is. Nor as an option to alter the game with your creativity. Odegaard had his second year on loan at Real Sociedad that all the parties had agreed to be productive in this Madrid 2020-21 without James or Bale and that he did not plan to go to the market due to the pandemic. The result is that, at the moment, he has not yet been seen 400 minutes (he has 387 ') to be able to assess his ability for the first time as a full-fledged first-team footballer. A slowdown to the evolution that did come showing last year at the Reale Arena, where he was erected on loan to Real as the best player of the first round in LaLiga.

In any case, the run-run in Valdebebas is that the Norwegian's training sessions have not been at their best in recent months. Veterans clothe him in this moment of footballing uncertainty. "Martin has to work hard, show that he can make a difference and he will find his niche," Modric advised. While that new opportunity arrives, Odegaard is the only one who comes out to sweat at La Rosaleda after a stick that leaves Madrid without revalidating the Super Cup. The first title at stake, of the four to which Madrid aspired at the beginning of 2021, has evaporated while the club does not plan to sign in January, it has let Jovic and Odegaard go ... he only goes out for a run after the games.

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