The letter that every football coach should read

Moisés Hurtado, who resigned as coach of Juvenil B, sends a message to his superiors: "To those in charge, make people feel comfortable."


Last Wednesday, Moisés Hurtado resigned as coach of Juvenil B as he did not feel motivated to continue, among other things due to his differences with superiors. This letter has ignited the parakeets of praise networks:

"If I have been able to generate any doubt or uncertainty in their heads, if I have been able to remove any conscience, if I have been able to make them think and reflect, if I have been able to provide them with a new tactical concept and if I have been able to make them leave their comfort zones, yes Some of that I have achieved, I am satisfied with this beautiful and hard formative stage that I have lived these two and a half years. Because life, fortunately, is full of uncertainties and at that age, more. And the solution, in my opinion , It is not to simplify things, giving them certainties, but to teach them to think for themselves, in a time when most things without ephemeral, we are lazy to think and we want quick, short-lived and irrefutable truths. However, reality , full of noise, it is usually another one.

A friend used to say "in football sometimes you win and other times you learn", and the only thing I have worked for this time is for the boys to achieve their goals and achieve those objectives in time. Obviously, if it's playing for our club in the first team, the better. However, sincerely, I will be just as proud of anyone who achieves their dream outside our club, even if we do not enjoy it. And, of course, whoever does not achieve it, there will also have me to need it. Success puts everyone where they want.

With sincerity, I wish they had let me do some more things in my own way, but where the boss commands, the sailor does not command, as is obvious and, in this as everything in life, we all have our ideas in which we believe; So, in such circumstances, consider that it is better to step aside and let other people carry out their ideas in their own way. The club is always above all of us.

However, allow me to offer, from this letter of "until the next" a couple of contributions to whoever wants to receive them.

To those who rule, listen. That they involve the workers, that they make people feel comfortable and that they create a correct work environment. It is not at odds with the requirement. Not at all.

To those who command less, that they assert themselves, that they trust them, that they help those who are next to them and that they demand the maximum in everything they do. And that they try to enjoy it to the fullest because with passion everything works out better.

To the parents of the children, who protect without overprotecting. That they accompany, that they are interested without invading. That they trust the professionals who take care of their children because they are in very good hands.

Amateur, let's try not to label the boys with crack, pearl, jewel ... because sometimes we confuse them, unintentionally. It happens to all of us. And they have enough distraction nowadays.

For the boys, emphasize three key words: effort, perseverance, perseverance. Or I tell you in English, which is sometimes hard to pay attention: no pain, no gain. Now more than ever. The reality is not what appears on Instagram. Think, discuss, speak, question everything and, above all, absorb. Learn from everything and everyone. In the mentality you have is the difference.

To conclude, I would like enormously - it is something that I have always been wrong in this formative stage - to apologize if I have not been able to be fair with a player. It was not my intention and in time he will understand that being a coach is not easy. And finally, I would like to thank all the people I have met along this path and who have allowed me to learn from them, we have laughed, debated, chatted ... because the best thing in life is meeting open, empathic people who they make you reflect and remove your foundations. For all this, in second, first or in Chamiñons ligui. Always RCDE. Until next time ".

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