The Iberostar Tenerife abuses the Herbalife Gran Canaria

The aurinegros sweep the Canarian derby with a beautiful second half. Those of Fisac only held until the rest.


As one who seeks to save the best for last, Iberostar Tenerife once again devoured Gran Canaria, this time with a second half of the video library. It is not that he sufficiently surpassed the magic barrier of 100 points, but that he once again demonstrated that, at all levels, he is several abysses above a Herbalife as cowardly tonight as in so many moments of a season that, at the moment , is on the way to oblivion. Or maybe not, and that would be the best way to recover everything lost this year and the previous ones, especially since he squandered, in any possible sphere, his historic appearance in the Euroleague.

The first half was a delight for any witness of this match, with baskets of all kinds, at all times, in any of the two baskets. Salin and Shermadini quickly put Iberostar up, 0-5, but four points in a row from Balcerowski, doing well with the Georgian giant, matched the forces. The pupils of the protester Vidorreta started very successful in the outside shot, neither he nor his technical team left a single second to address the referees, and with two three-pointers from Salin and Cavanaugh they kept up in a solvent way: 6-11.

But Granca, another team different from the one that disappointed every day a few weeks ago, accepted the challenge of one of the best teams in the competition, and if Salin's 8th point was 10-15, then Balcerowski responded from the triple. From the same distance Okoye scored shortly after for a 16-15 that also meant the first yellow advantage in the whole game.

After the triple of the Nigerian guard came two more, one from Kilpatrick and another from his, who shot Granca on the scoreboard, 22-15, to shape an unquestionable 9-0 run. It was time for Butterfield, a hero without a cape to, with five points in a row, nip in the bud any attempt to escape from the local team, which ended the first quarter winning by a tight 27-24.

Iberostar remembered, at the dawn of the second period, that powerful team that kept the pulse on the leadership of Real Madrid until rather recently. A Sulejmanovic 3-pointer that tied the contest at 29 points was the prelude to a 1-15 run that was crowned that left Herbalife with a 30-39 clarifier. Kilpatrick, tremendous in his first half, 20 points, broke the paralysis that affected the entire Fisca team, and a 2 + 1 from Balcerowski announced a new battle: 36-41.

It happens that the Granca emptied to regain the advantage, but the Iberostar continues to have answers for everything, replied the aurinegro team. Thus, while two triples by Albicy and Kilpatrick put Herbalife on the prowl, 44-45, a 2 + 1 from Gran Canaria Fran Guerra gave his team some breathing space: 44-48. Kilpatrick, who else, tied at 51 before the end of a beautiful first half, warlike attacks before impassive defenses. At halftime, 53-55 and everything to be decided in this wonderful basketball battle between the two colossi of the Canary Islands.

Spectacular second part of Tenerife

The passage through the changing rooms made the Vidorreta team infinitely better. For starters, Butterfield hit a triple followed by another from Cavanaugh plus another tray from Butterfield himself for an unquestionable 55-63 against the impassive Gran Canaria. Thus, in the absence of 7:19 to finish the third quarter, Fisac had no choice but to request a time-out with 57-68 to try to stop the bleeding that was about to take place.

Far from reacting, Herbalife seemed to throw in the towel, and five points from Butterfiel began to definitely boost the La Laguna team: 61-74. The match was already totally broken in favor of the visiting team, which closed the penultimate period with a resounding 69-85. Herbalife remembered its worst moments of the course, totally at the mercy of the rival, too soon without any possibility of discussing the victory against Iberostar in the Canarian derby.

If the last quarter was not "garbage", it was a lot like it. The aurinegra formation, with Fran Guerra as a pylon hammer, was limited to maintaining an already impossible-to-lose advantage. Except for Kilpatrick and some Balcerowski or Okoye, no one seemed to be fighting on the Granca. Not even Beirán, which debuted with a triple that was of little use: 79-95. Nothing to add to the final 87-108.

The game was already fully decided and Herbalife, as in the first round, was a real fight at the hands of the bully Iberostar Tenerife, determined to show that nothing is by chance. Thus, he leaves the neighboring island with a new battle won in a season, for now, imperial. Nor is it that it looks like the opposite could happen, as it has celebrated 15 victories in 19 games. For his part, Granca returned to his old ways, perhaps momentarily. Tonight, of course, he suffered full-blown torture. One more.

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