The Champions League as an escape valve for Bilbao Basket

The Mumbrú team, focused on permanence, has the option of qualifying if they beat Brose in Germany and Turkey or if they beat the average against Pinar Karsiyaka (-9). Brown traveled.


Bilbao Basket was shorn from the visit of Valencia, but it was not their war. Betis lost at home to Burgos and that relieved him, but the GBC's miracle against Tenerife makes the ground move under his feet. Permanence is the priority and the Champions annoying, but no one bitter a sweet. You have the option of passing the phase and, above all, of adding victories, something that you are enjoying so little this year.

Tomorrow he visits the German Brose Bamberg at the Brose Arena in the Bavarian town (8:00 p.m. ETB and DAZN) with the idea of recovering some air for the weekend against Andorra. The team has stayed up early to visit a leader who wants to certify the first place in this phase. He's four out of four and he's already in the Top-16. If you win the RETAbet in Germany, you no longer have to be aware of the 'average' at the end of the phase in Karsiyaka (72-81).

Injuries are draining troop morale. 60 percent of the budget wore street clothes on Saturday when Valencia visited. And Brown injured his foot, although it is nothing serious and has traveled. He is the only one capable of taking the helm in the absence of Rousselle and Hakanson. Also out are Serron and Rigo, those who best defend, and the franchise player, Balvin.

The Champions League has been an escape valve for the 'men in black', well it should be said rather that Fortitudo has been, a very weak team that accumulates four defeats in as many games. In the first leg against the Bavarians, Mumbrú's pupils lost by 18 points (15-33) and came to draw (65-65), but Brose won 71-77. They are not in a good moment, because in the last day of their league they lost to Rasta Vechta (90-82) and accumulated four defeats in their last five games.

Álex Reyes has assured before the trip that the team is committed to the Bamberg appointment. "We face the game with enthusiasm. Although we know that Brose is a team that has not yet lost in the Champions League and that at home it will be a difficult rival," said the Extremaduran forward. Despite these difficulties, Reyes assured that Bilbao Basket will try to achieve a "victory" that would allow it to go to Turkey on the last day only with the need to beat Pinar Karsikaya, without also having to exceed the 'average' of nine points that gave the Turkish team 72-81 of the first day in Miribilla.

"We will try to bring ourselves victory. We know that by doing things well and applying what we have to have learned from Saturday's (severe) defeat against Valencia (73-106) we will have options. We have already forgotten the defeat the other day and we have many You win. The team is focused on that game, "he explained. Given the meteorological conditions of the last days, he hopes that "the storm" will allow them "a quiet trip" to Bamberg, which they will travel by bus from Frankfurt, to where they travel by plane.

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