Talent can with Giannis: Harden drives and Durant decides

The Bucks are shipwrecked in the Big Apple with a triple winner from Durant, who received a pass from a superlative Harden. Kyrie was short again. Brooklyn oozes talent.


Phil Jackson said that the playoffs were decided by talent and luck. And the Nets have the first. Too much. We are not quite at that point in the season yet, but in the Big Apple they are going to have a lot of fun watching one of the most attractive teams of the last decade play and, at the same time, one that is going to come under scrutiny. constant fan, the analyst's judgment and the challenge of facing an NBA that does not wait for anyone, something that the vast majority of people who make up the project know very well. Starting with Steve Nash, a man of immeasurable quality who changed basketball but could not touch glory; through Mike D'Antoni, the maker of extremes, the misunderstood creator. And of course, reaching a James Harden who has arrived in Brooklyn with the intention of winning a ring that he did not get in Houston and aware that time is running out and that talent can be eternal, but that the physical does not forgive.

The good thing for Harden is that he has by his side a being with the last name Durant: a timeless, historical player, with a privileged physique and innate abilities that place him among the best ever; and who knows (he has suffered it in his flesh) that winning is not so easy for something that sooner or later everyone in the NBA understands: it never is. Durant had to flee forward, to a place that mixed the old and the new, a growing celebrity in Oakland, a style that changed the course of the best league in the world and the memory of times gone by that the Warriors honored with the making of one of the greatest dynasties in history. The forward was part of it when he left Oklahoma to, like LeBron in 2010, remove the thorn. Win at last. And once achieved, he set course on a new path without the need or the desire (he has never had them) to give explanations. And between La Barba and the stylized forward, the figure of a Kyrie emerges who has been out of the Nets dynamics seven games without anyone knowing why. Or, at least, in six of them: the official version for the last absence is that it was finalizing its conditioning after an incomprehensible hiatus, it leaves behind the main reason why the project may fail.

Because if the Nets can be defeated for something, it is by themselves. With a talent comparable only to his bad head, Kyrie may be the weakest mental link on a team in which he is already rolling it but in which he also has room to put the direct. Communication with his new partner will be clear, as well as with a Durant with whom he seems estranged. For now, he has seen behind the scenes how both players understand each other well on court, while Harden shows a superlative and partially inhuman version that contrasts with his last four games in the Rockets, in which he did not reach 20 points, something that never it had happened in Houston. Yesterday, the shooting guard went to 34 points, 6 rebounds and 12 assists, and corrected the 6 balls he lost in the first half without giving any in the second. In addition, he has become the first player in history to start with a new team and get more than 30 points and 10 assists in his first two games. And last night, he knew how to say when to do it and manage the game's tempo well. In addition to giving Durant assistance to sentence him with a triple ... after Harden's own failure. As if it were a video game: if I fail it, it's up to you. And we continue.

The Nets prevailed in an even, interesting and decided game entirely at clutch time, where they will have plenty of arguments against any rival. Durant caught another great performance (30 + 9 + 6) and scored the triple of the victory, one that Khris Middleton tried to return with no luck (25 + 4 + 4 + 4, but 0 of 5 from the outside). The Bucks, who lose the leadership of the Eastern Conference in favor of Boston, had a new great statistical version of Giannis Antetokounmpo (34 + 12 + 7), who led theirs in the fourth quarter (11 points), and improved on free throws (6 of 8), but he finished with a -12 and it was not the solution in the final part of the crash. Jrue Holiday was a sure 22 points) and Brook Lopez helped what he could (15 + 7), but Milwaukee did not get to fish in the rough river that was a final game full of madness and many opportunities that they could not realize. At the premises, 20 points from Joe Harris, 12 + 12 from DeAndre Jordan and 14 + 6 from Jeff Green. And many smiles: the Nets have four victories in a row and Nash has overcome the first threat of crisis and the first internal revolution of Kyrie, which the team looks forward to and with some anxiety. Nobody knows what goes through that head, but everyone is aware of his talent. And the talent ... you know. Phil Jackson, for whatever reason, must know quite a bit about it.

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