Steve Kerr: "The Lakers? They are like us in the year of 73-9"

The Warriors coach considers that the Angelenos are in the perfect situation to repeat the title and compares them with his team in the year of 73-9.


The Lakers dominate the NBA with an iron fist. At the beginning of the course marked by the constant postponements from the coronavirus, the strange results, the positive ones and the sports irregularity, the Angelenos remain firm and add victories as if the thing was not with them. The 11-3 record is by now the best in the North American competition, and it doesn't seem like the purple and gold players are having much trouble winning games. LeBron James is playing fewer minutes than ever in his career, while averaging his fewest points since his rookie season. Anthony Davis moves along a similar line, and only averaged smaller digits in minutes and scoring in his first season in the best league in the world. And yet, the depth of the Los Angeles squad, greatly reinforced by Rob Pelinka in the market, allows them to get the games out in a natural way and without excessive effort. And this without talking about the capacity that the franchise is having to avoid postponements or positives among its ranks. For now, of course.

Steve Kerr was the last to refer to the great level shown by the current champion. The coach, with eight titles to his credit between his respective stages as player and coach, knows very well what it feels like to lift the trophy and what the feeling is like in the years immediately after winning them. And that is why he thinks that the Lakers are in a very sweet moment that has reminded him of what the Warriors were in 2015-16, when they achieved 73 victories in the regular season, the best balance in history above the 72-10 of the Bulls, in 1995-96. A team in which, by the way, he was also. “When a team wins a championship, they usually come back the following year with more confidence. I imagine that is what is happening with the Lakers ", assured the revered coach, who assures that the purple and gold are in an" optimal point "." They do not have the fatigue of having won several championships. They are at the same point as us when we got 73-9 ".

The truth is that the Lakers are having a pleasant start to the season and it seems that they have put the automatic pilot. They are benefiting from the signings, they have a long squad and they still don't have the best version of LeBron and Davis, unnecessary for now. Nobody knows where the Angelenos' roof is, but when their two stars fully explode they may be more fearsome than they already seem. With two of the best players in the competition among its ranks, a consolidated coach (Frank Vogel) and a dressing room with good chemistry and in tune, the Lakers without favorites to repeat the title. But beware, the Warriors were also the main candidates in 2015-16 and yes, they achieved a whopping 73 victories in the regular season ... but they lost the ring. There it is.

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