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Real and Barça, 90 minutes from a final. Messi smiles and when he's fine, few forecasts can be made against Barcelona. Silva is still low in San Sebastian.


Real Sociedad and Barcelona face tonight at the Nuevo Arcángel (9:00 p.m., #Vamos) a unique opportunity: to stand in a final in the case of winning a match that will put them on the verge of a title and it can put them on a new beginning (follow the game live on A manual restart for both teams. One who has not lifted a title for 34 years and who has not played in a final for 32 years (which precisely lost to his rival tonight) and also for a Barça that saw how a year ago in the Saudi Super Cup the house of cards it was hopelessly dismantled until it reached the Lisbon catastrophe.

It must be made clear from the outset that neither of the two teams is reliable nor is part of the situation in control. La Real began the course playing as an aspiring LaLiga and achieving results that confirmed this condition, but it has been deflated in recent weeks in which only the victory against Athletic Club has raised morale somewhat.

For its part, Barça arrives at the best moment of the season, which, given the evolution of the Blaugrana team through the course, does not mean too much either. Koeman's team continues to be a coin in the air, but lately it tends to come out expensive because Messi smiles and when the Argentine is fine, few forecasts can be made against the Barça fans.

Barça started taking vitamins against their post-Lisbon depression precisely the day they beat Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou.

La Real lost that day, but the most worrying thing is that it is still the orphan of David Silva, the player who gave it that extra creativity needed in difficult moments.

In the Basque team, Isak will lead Wilian José and all eyes will be on Oyarzabal, a player capable of deciding any match. At Barça, little will change with respect to what has been working in the search for a new opportunity that allows them to start over.

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