Some Warriors 'orphans' of Curry win in a final of heart attack

On a bad day at the star point guard, several secondary and defense gave the Warriors another victory. The Raptors, third from the tail.


The Golden State Warriors can draw good conclusions from last night's game. On one of the worst days of Stephen Curry's career his team won. He did it because, contrary to what you might think, the Warriors are more than just Curry. With Draymond Green's usual performance aside (10 + 9 + 10), it was the Wiggins, Paschall and Lee who gave him the victory. Those secondary (some very secondary) who stepped forward when necessary. They and the defense that kept at bay an opponent who is not in his best moment but who came from scoring 144 points against the Kings and who is trying to get up from a frankly bad start to the season.

They will have to keep trying some Raptors who ran out of strength or ideas or both after trying a spectacular comeback of 17 points. They stayed on the shore after missing the last few possessions, eating a ball in the last minute and missing the winning shot. It was Paskal Siakam, who is getting closer and closer to the level expected but this time he could not define against the defense of an Andrew Wiggins who without making much noise is playing his best season on a defensive level. This time, in addition to the good defense over Siakam in the last possession, he finished with 4 blocks. Just before the final failure of the Cameroonian, it was Damion Lee (13 points) who made the two free throws (the only ones he took) that would give the victory to the locals.

Along the way we saw a surprisingly unsuccessful performance by Curry, who did not shoot for the first nine minutes and when he started doing it he almost missed that start of the game. Because the point guard finished 2/16, the worst percentage for a Warriors player in the last 20 seasons trying at least 15 pitches. Klay Thompson, David Lee, and Baron Davis did the exact same thing at this time. It seems incredible, but even the best shooter ever can have a bad night. The good thing is that it will remain as an anecdote for a team that is fifth in the West and that has left behind the bad feelings of the beginning of the year. Quite the opposite of some Raptors who are still in the tail of the East (second to last), with a record of 2-7 (1-5 out) and who need to react now if they do not want to have to swim against too strong a current in the future.

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