"Legal services will address the issue if it has to be done"

The Mirandés sports director, Chema Aragón, talks about the 'Sergio Moreno' case. At the moment there is nothing official from the other party involved.


Mirandés fans asked for explanations after the 'Sergio Moreno' case came to light. And almost a week later, the sports director Chema Aragón was the first to speak out, reiterating that there is no explanation to give in this regard: “The reality is that the contracts have a confidentiality clause. Neither from Mirandés nor from the other club has anything official come out. ”

Of course, Aragón makes it clear that if Rayo finally requests the payment of the 150,000 euros, which is supposedly included in the player's loan agreement, the club must defend its position. "In the event that this issue has to be addressed, the legal services should look at it," he points out.

Presentation by Álex López

With individual technical quality for fast ball circulation. This is how Chema Aragón has defined the latest addition to Mirandés: Álex López. The Rojilla entity had already tried to sign it two summers ago after returning to the Silver category.

The Catalan midfielder signs per season and a half, coming from Espanyol, although his home club reserves a buyback option. “I have seen Mirandés many games. It is a team with good ball handling. He wants to be the protagonist and always attack. It was necessary to comment to Espanyol on the issue of the termination, but it was a very easy decision ", highlights the player in his official presentation.

The withdrawal of Meseguer, who will have to comply with a cycle of reprimands, for the next match against Las Palmas opens wide the doors of ownership: “It will be a technical decision if I play this weekend. I have always played as a midfielder, but I adapt to various positions. I like to have the ball. ”

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