Sandoval: "Garcés is a natural competitor"

The Fuenlabrada coach reviewed the Azulona news before the duel against Alcorcón. "The important thing is the three points, not breaking a streak," he said.


The performance of Garcés: “The truth is that Borja is a young boy and you have to be patient with him. What I like the most is the illusion that he has and that he has transmitted to the group. He is a winner and a natural competitor. In the minutes that we saw him in the Cup match, he adapted very well to the game system, to the teammates, to the club ... we have signed him because he was able to contribute something different ”.

Changes of the Alcorcón de Anquela: “It is a different Alcorcón than the one we saw at the beginning of the season. Anquela knows the house very well, she adapts very well, they are made for each other. The Alcorcón de Anquela is always very close, they don't allow mistakes since they hunt you down at the minimum and we have to be very concentrated. It is a beautiful meeting, the Madrid football festival and I hope we will see many Fuenlabrada-Alcorcón ”.

Training in Navalcarnero: “We are adapting to the situation, we have not trained in Torres for 20 days. We have to thank Navalcarnero for the facilities he has given us. They are all comforts. However, tomorrow we will come here, to Torres, without having done any training ... we are not going to make excuses because we have never done it. We saw it in the cup match against Levante: we didn't train for more than a single day and the team competed very well and that's what I like, the anger, the pride, that humility, the DNA of competitiveness that has not lost with all the adversities that we have had. ”

Status of casualties: “Casualties, with the issue of the state of the playing fields, it is difficult to balance them. Yesterday we had some discomfort from a player and we are trying to take big steps with Pathé and Sekou. They are still in the recovery phase, but they are already on the field and it is something very important for us. Rosic, already with the group, continues to feel good and accumulate workloads, but with this problem with Filomena we have to take great care of the players. ”

Blessed defense debate: “It's the best thing that can happen to a coach, to have a choice. Competitiveness within each position makes the players and the group better. Juanma played 45 minutes, something that was agreed to get sensations. This week he is working with Joselu, the team's retrainer, so that he does not relapse and we will not be in a hurry. We have a strong schedule and we want to have the largest number of soldiers for the battle. Now with a defense of three centrals, there are more possibilities to choose ”.

A victory at Torres, a priority to solve from now on ?: “What we need is to win three points at home or wherever. I want to win at Torres and for my players to emerge victorious from their field in the face of our fans, the city, and yes that way we give them joy and we bring hope, well welcome, but the fan is also happy, if we win outside Tenerife the next game. You have to add three by three, which is the most important thing. ”

Does it sap morale and go to another place for training ?: “We are adapting to the situation as best we can and we are getting the most out of the situation, this is an example of what we experienced last season when I took the team. The one that best adapts to all this that is happening is the one that will get the best performance from its players and the most points will get. Mining? No, these players are made to overcome obstacles and adversities and we carry that DNA within. The Club does everything possible so that this is not noticed and the players are aware of what we have and surely better times are coming. As things are, we are not going to complain. ”

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