Real Madrid - Gran Canaria is a profitable connection

Walter Tavares and the injured Jaycee Carroll, the clearest exponents of the benefits of this airlift between both teams.

Nor that the current Herbalife happened to be a Madrid quarry, the air bridge between Gran Canaria and the capital works perfectly, in one way or the other, excellent dividends in both cases.

As obvious as Edy Tavares is, it is the example of the giant from Cape Verde, the clearest exponent of the benefits of this basketball airlift. Despite the fact that the most dominant center in Europe arrived at Madrid in the autumn of 2017, he was placed in the orbit of the team in February 2014, during the Copa del Rey in Malaga, that of Llull's key basket in the final against him. Barça. In those quarterfinals, Tavares shone with his own light, 16 + 12, in the thrashing that the future champion gave to Gran Canaria (83-60) .

Then the alarms went off in Madrid's offices. In 2015 Tavares went to the Atlanta Hawks. He dominated in the CBA but had no luck in the NBA, where he even shared a dressing room in Cleveland with LeBron James. Condemned to understand how he was with Real Madrid, a club of which he has been a devoted fan even since he was a child, he arrived in Valdebebas in 2017 after Kuzmic's serious knee injury. In a few months he was already the most dominant pivot in Europe and the titles were falling.

Tavares arrived to underpin the most glorious era of national basketball, an era that Jaycee Carroll lived from its beginning, a small Wyoming escort who arrived in 2009 at Granca from the Italian Teramo at the hands of Himar Ojeda, today Alba Berlin's sports director and one of those responsible for the arrival of Tavares to Granca. Two years as the top scorer in the ACB were more than enough guarantee to sign for Madrid, where he is now in his tenth season, and to be the foreigner who has played the most games with such a legendary shirt.

The reverse path

Previous passing through Gran Canaria in Madrid Pat Burke also played, which served for a beardless Fran Vázquez, back in 2004, to begin his explosion.

In the opposite direction, Javi Beirán and Tomás Bellas, Madrid youth squad players, did their game. Like Hernández Sonseca at the beginning of the century. Vladimir Dasic was also on loan to the island, although the Montenegrin was seen more on Las Canteras beach than on the field. In addition, Eduardo Hernández Sonseca, Giannis Bourousis, Pablo Aguilar, David Brabender, Jean-Marc Jaumin, James Joseph Larrañaga and Kennedy Lawrence Winston, and the white youth players Willy Villar and Juanra Marrero.

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