Rayo Vallecano sails through thick and thin

Sixth consecutive victory for Iraola's men who climb to fourth position. Only Barco is saved from the burning in the Mirandés. Sad debut of Cristo González.


The postponed clash was finally a nightmare for Mirandés. There is no one who coughs up Rayo Vallecano. Despite the extra-sports difficulties, the coaching staff and squad have been conspired to perform at the highest level on the pitch. The franjirrojos prevailed in Anduva with two goals that came in the first half (0-2). And that the local team had the first attempt. Djouahra outlined his shot after Pablo Martínez left, but the French winger finished high. José Alberto's pupils took over the ball in the opening bars. Dimitrievski saved Pablo Martínez's shot at close range, although the action was invalidated by offside.

El Rayo shook the dominance in set pieces. The height of Saveljich and, above all, Catena put the Mirandesista behind in check, who solved this type of situation with some difficulties at the start of the duel. Iraola's team even had the option of taking advantage of an error by Meseguer in a conflict zone, to which Lizoain also contributed with a hasty serve. Finally, the Canarian goalkeeper cleared Pozo's shot from the front with difficulties.

The occasion made the Ray grow. The script of the match changed completely. On his next dangerous approach came the first goal. Álvaro found Trejo on goal and the Argentine player did not forgive to beat Lizoain (0-1). The franjirrojos increased the rent before the break. Vivian knocked down Álvaro in the area and the referee did not hesitate to point out the maximum penalty. Mario Suárez scored from eleven meters to put the clash against Mirandés very uphill (0-2) .

José Alberto immediately ordered Mario Barco to warm up. The Asturian coach did not like what he saw. And is that after a promising start, Rayo was very comfortable on the field and with a favorable score. The Rioja striker jumped from the start in the second half and Cristo saw his position delayed. The Mirandés began dominating, but without generating dangerous occasions. Even the Madrilenians were about to pierce the red frame for the third time. Lizoain avoided Pozo's target.

The men of Iraola were aware that in any counterattack they could end the fight. Center-back Vivian, who was reappearing after missing five games through injury, tried his luck from a distance. However, he found the answer from the meta rayista. The Macedonian goalkeeper also intervened shortly after before Djouahra's attempt from the front. The Mirandés tried to cut differences in the final section. Moreno found Barco inside the area, but Dimitrievski cut the hide underneath.

The same protagonist had the best local opportunity with a powerful shot that again forced the goal to intervene. El Rayo knew how to stop the match in the closing stages to add an important victory, which allowed him to climb to fourth place in the standings. With this defeat, the Mirandés remains installed in the middle zone. On the next day he will pay a visit to the fiefdom of Cartagena.

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