Raúl García, white whip born from the 'espaldinha'

The four goals he has scored against Real Madrid to date have served to keep the Whites away from three titles. Cristiano was the trigger.


"It is clear that it was an important match. You have to recognize it and be aware of when you are wrong," said Raúl García after vaccinating Real Madrid in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup. Two goals from Navarre and a title that the Whites are already officially missing this season. The Athletic player pulled out his thorn for his last match against the whites, where he was sent off and his team lost 3-1. "It is clear that it was a designated match, that it had to be at the level and, as I always say, it is not a question of goals. I always want to help the team, it is good for me to score, but the important thing is to win," he said.

Raúl García expanded his Real Madrid scourge legend a little more. Many times he has been observed highly motivated against whites. Especially since his time at Atlético. The Navarrese had had to suffer Madrid's paternity over Atlético, but he was one of the architects of the change until he became a white scourge and everything has a turning point. It was in 2010 when Madrid beat the colchoneros 2-0 at the Bernabéu.

A Raúl García was enervated by Cristiano's untimely adornment, with the game decided, the Portuguese decided to lower a long ball cushioning it with his back. Ibrahimovic had made technical details fashionable, but Cristiano, who hadn't marked that day - Carvalho and Özil did - expressed himself that way. Immediately the Atlético players, with Raúl García at the helm, took it as a lack of respect and the images showed the Navarrese recriminating it. "You don't do that with 0-0. I hit you a host ... Put it up your ass," he told the Portuguese, who responded in the same way.

It was the beginning of a relationship that has had moments of surgical precision in the Navarrese. With yesterday's two there are four goals that Real Madrid has scored and all four have served to separate him from a title. Those on Thursday served to cross out the Spanish Super Cup from the 2021 record. Before, his first goal was made with the Atlético shirt in August 2014. It was also in the Spanish Super Cup, this time in the first leg. With 1-0 for Madrid, Raúl García pulled opportunism to tie almost on time in the small area and make Madrid go to an insurmountable disadvantage for the return leg. There Atlético won 1-0 with both Mandzukic.

Raúl García also scored against Madrid in the round of 16 of the 2015 Cup, in Torres' return to Atlético. That day the rojiblanco team paved the way with a 2-0 lead by Raúl García from a penalty, a maximum penalty caused by him. In that same season, in the league game at the Bernabéu, he did not score but as if he had. The maneuver in which he threatens and lets the ball pass so that Arda scores the winning goal at the Bernabéu is also engraved on the retina of the mattress fans. Always on when it is the Madrid target in front of him, at all levels. Between 2014 and 2016 he played eleven derbies in which he received ten yellow cards, without being sent off, yes. His first red against the merengue team, in fact, he saw a few days ago in the match that was the trigger for his performance on Thursday. I had it marked, yes ...

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