PSG sets the market on fire

PSG, with Leonardo as the brain of the operation, moves in the market with Messi "on its list." Barcelona and Real Madrid, in the dance.


As in 1889, the world looks back to Paris. At that time, it was for the inauguration of an 'iron monster, the Eiffel Tower and the Expo. In 2021, another symbol of no less significance in the popular imagination could appear in the French capital. This is none other than Lionel Messi. 2021 and its summer appear as a capital phase for Paris Saint-Germain and Leonardo, from his office, already command a multitude of operations throughout Europe. Battle by battle, to try to win what they want so much, the Champions League.

If a new rooster appears, the others will react and the 'old' want to keep their throne. This Paris Saint-Germain already snatched Neymar from Barcelona showing that he maintains and knows how to win pulses from the oldest. His plan is ambitious and the battles in the market seem important against Real Madrid and Barcelona as the main dance partners.

In the bid for Leo Messi

The duels between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have marked the modern history of football on the green and also on the market. In summer, the first was Neymar and now, Paris Saint-Germain does not hesitate to tempt Lionel Messi with everything they can so that he does not continue in Barcelona. Beyond money, the club from the capital wants to prepare an ambitious project to surround the Argentine star in case he decides to arrive.

Messi's renewal is on the wing and, after his exit attempt last summer, the elections in Barcelona will determine his future. Depending on the candidate who wins and who is able to convince him that the project is worth it, he will stay or try, for the first time as a professional, football away from Barcelona. In Paris they see a clear opportunity to achieve this, several key operations are already being prepared and opened to try to make an ecosystem tailored for Rosario.

In addition to the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino and the permanence of Neymar, who already publicly launched a courtship, or Di María, whom the club strives to renew after the change to a coach more of their liking, there is talk of the possible arrival by Kun Agüero, Leo's close friend, to complement a luxurious attack. The last to enter into these plans is Eric García, whom Barcelona loves but has not just signed since last summer and who is also tempted by the French. Many tickets but who would come out? The nominee is Kylian Mbappé.

After reaching the Champions League final, the Bondy striker faces a difficult season in terms of play and sensations, although his numbers do not suffer too much. The Frenchman has a contract until 2022 and Paris Saint-Germain faces the last summer in a few months to sell. Real Madrid has that date marked in red on its calendar.

The departure of Kylian and the hunt for Madrid

"Mbappé and Neymar? I hope they are both convinced that Paris is a good football site for an ambitious and high-level player. You just have to reach an agreement to satisfy your wishes and your demands according to our financial means. Those who want to continue in Paris will follow, "said Leonardo, the sports director of the blues and reds, recently on France Football.

The Brazilian forward is looking forward to Messi's arrival and seems to have come off the starting ramp where Kylian is better positioned than ever. The player is still without renewal and Real Madrid has been testing him since he exploded in Monaco. This, at that time, chose Paris after not seeing a clear gap in the white forward (Cristiano, Benzema and Bale were fixed) but now, he would arrive as the top star.

The white club is closely following the situation of the forward and has taken great care of its relations with the Paris team (official statements denying approaches to 7 or to Ney himself) while waiting for this moment. The exit could go up to the 222 million euros that Barcelona charged them for Neymar but Real Madrid already has a plan prepared for sales and financing with loans to deal with the operation that, as it happened with Cristiano, is expected to Mark the present white until it becomes history.

The possible extra cost of Real Madrid

Real Madrid could see how what seems like a transfer ends up being an exchange and not voluntarily. El Chiringuito reported a meeting between Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos in which the central defender rejected the renewal offer and listened to other teams. In that conversation, always according to El Chiringuito, Sergio Ramos dropped a possible move to Paris in which he and Leo Messi were going to meet. The president assured that he could not raise the offer and, for the moment, negotiations are continuing.

These are open and, without a doubt, they disturb the Madrid fans who fear losing their captain and one of their best players. This contract ends on June 30, 2021 and PSG, according to his words quoted in this TV program, could be his destiny. An extra 'consideration' upon the arrival of Kylian Mbappé who is still at the wing.

An unsolved first battle

Leonardo prepares a summer more than moved where his or his phones will burn for weeks but, this winter, the first reinforcements are resisting. Dele Alli was Mauricio Pochettino's first request but Tottenham did not quite take the step. The Milton Keynes midfielder began to sound strongly since his arrival and, faced with the ostracism that he now lives as a 'spur', Paris appeared as a more than attractive solution together with the coach who took him to the best level.

A more than a week after the market close, the French media speak of priority for the club but the situation is not unstable. The movement in search of Eriksen, which was also discussed, was left as an incomplete new operation.

Can the party be paid for?

Plans are underway, but the important thing is whether they can be sustained financially. The money will determine the viability of the plan, and while the 'club-state' structure helps, it does not solve all problems. Among them, the financial Fair Play. The Parisians will have to settle their scores. Thus, the more than multimillion dollar sale of Mbappé to Real Madrid would help finance the arrival of Messi, from whom they will save the transfer and will only have to invest in salary. Same situation in the case of Agüero, express request of the new coach.

In addition, PSG has already put luxury secondaries in the showcase for clubs looking for stars who in Paris do not give to reach the next level. Up for sale, according to L'Equipe, would be Leandro Paredes, Julian Draxler and Tilo Kehrer. For the three they hope to get about 40 million to help finance another great football adventure in the capital in search of conquering Europe.

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