Peybernes: "I come to bring leadership and experience"

The center-back is looking at Real Zaragoza for the minutes he was not having at Almería: “The decision was quick. It is a historical and Torrecilla knows what I can give ”.


Mathieu Peybernes explained this morning in his presentation at La Romareda the reasons that led him to opt for Real Zaragoza, where he will play on loan until the end of the season: “I spoke with Miguel Torrecilla a couple of weeks ago and it is not necessary to talk much to come here. I like to play and at Almería I was playing very little. Real Zaragoza is a historic club and the decision was quick. I know Miguel and he knows what I can contribute to the team. ”

In this way, the 30-year-old French central defender is aware of what is expected of him: “I come here to provide a little leadership. I like to take things when there is a little more pressure. I like to feel important and I come to contribute everything I can on and off the field and to help my teammates in bad times with the experience I have. I arrive with great enthusiasm and a lot of humility to work and show that I can compete. ”

Peybernes assures that he has seen several Zaragoza matches during the first round and considers that there is a team to escape the threat of relegation: “The squad is very complete and good. The fact of not resting after the playoff and playing every three days makes that if you start with a bad streak it is difficult to correct it because you do not have time to fix it in practice. It is a bit what has happened and since the arrival of the new coach I think the team competes much better, more as a team. Now there is one game a week, we will be able to work more on the things that are done wrong and it will be noticeable in the results. ”

And he adds: “I know the club more or less because it is a very big and important historical in Spain and something similar to what happens in Gijón happens, that there is a lot of fans behind the team and there can be a lot of pressure when the results are not good. Before leaving, I spoke with Manu Morlanes, who was with me at Almería, and he has always told me good things about the city, the team and the fans, which is spectacular. Today it is true that the team is a bit bad, but I think we are going to lift the situation with the group that we have. If we work well and do things a little better, he will get out of this situation very soon. ”

The center-back already met his new teammates last Saturday in his first training session under Juan Ignacio Martínez: “The truth is that the dressing room has received me as if I were here from the beginning. Zapater, as captain, has introduced me to everyone. In the end, we have faced each other many times and more or less I know them and they know me too, so at the integration level there is no problem. They have received me from ten and that is a good sign for me. ”

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