Peterhansel boasts of record and Al Attiyah calls for more justice

The Frenchman, happy to "be the first to win on three continents." "The buggies have been winning for many years, there is no equality," says the Qatari.


"I still feel the same emotion because, as I always say, winning the Dakar is really difficult, there are no easy victories and this one has not been either." Those were Peterhansel's first words as soon as he got out of the Mini in Jeddah and celebrated his new victory, his fourteenth. One, which has cost him despite the fact that "from the outside it can be seen as a bit easy": "But managing such a small advantage with Nasser every day has been nothing. I had a lot of pressure and felt it every day, I had everything to lose. In the end, we did a great job with Edouard (his co-driver), he had a good navigation and he was very calm ".

Vindictive, and also proud to write new and successful pages in his love story with the Dakar: "I set a couple more records: 14 wins and the first to win on three continents. And it is also 30 years since my first victory ". That one, the one from 1981, is still the most special: "I dreamed of her a lot. Winning is always a great emotion, but the best was the first." "I don't know where the difference could have been, perhaps in the experience and in being a little calmer. Nasser made the first mistake when he won the prologue and he may have lost the Dakar because of that," he analyzes.

Indeed, Al Attiyah is clear about where the difference that has decided the victory has been, in a regulation that he complains about: "We have done a great job. Neither I, nor the co-driver, nor the team have made mistakes. What can we do? It is the second year that we have fought with buggies and for me the rules have to be changed to make it fairer for everyone ". Thus, the Toyota team leader uses a similar speech to the one he already had last year when it was Sainz who beat him with the Mini.

"If we only have four fingers, not five, it doesn't help. Buggies have been winning over 4x4s for many years, there is no equality, (he won in 2019) it is not a fair rule and I ask the organization to change it because of otherwise we will not want to return, "continues the Qatari with his demand for greater justice. Winning five stages and the champion being someone else is not easy to digest, but he promises to come back stronger: "Of course I am disappointed, but we have finished and I am proud. I am sure that we will come back stronger next year and that we can do with victory ".

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