Pérez already wears Red Bull and works on the seat and simulator

The Mexican pilot was at the Milton Keynes factory to make the custom cockpit and start working with his new engineers from the Austrian house.

Sergio Pérez has already started working in Milton Keynes, where he went after his signing for Red Bull to start making the custom seat and meet his new work team, as well as going through the simulator of his new car.

Pérez arrives at the Austrian house from Racing Point, with whom he managed to prevail in the Sakhir GP, to accompany Max Verstappen in the fight against the Mercedes, in Honda's last year as a motorist for the energy firm. "Pérez knows exactly what qualities Max Verstappen has, he is an experienced driver and he knows the challenge. He is very excited about the opportunity to prove his worth. And drivers must be very close together, up front. It is clear that our first goal is to close. the gap with Mercedes, "said Christian Horner, who also assures that the Mexican is a driver capable of making the most of his cars:" he has the extraordinary ability to get more out of cars than they seem to give ".

He also values Pérez Helmut Marko very positively, although he makes it clear that the first driver is and will be Max Verstappen: "If we want to win the World Championship we need a strong driver in the second car. In addition, Pérez has knowledge of Mercedes and we hope to receive many contributions from the that side ". The similarities of the Racing Point that Checo drove with the Mercedes of Hamilton and Bottas led many to call the RP20 the 'Pink Mercedes' or the 'Mercedes B'. But beyond the knowledge of other factories that the Mexican can contribute, Marko points out "tire management" as one of the true strengths of his new driver.

Photos from as.com
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