Pepe Mel looks for another Pedri

The entry to the pitch of Pau Miguélez against Mallorca marks the debut of the team's 22nd player since the Madrid coach arrived on the yellow bench.


In times marked by the war economy of UD Las Palmas, to which we must add, everything must be said, the daring of Mel to bet on the quarry since he landed in the club, back in March of the year 2019, the recent debut of the Cantabrian Pau Miguélez in the 90th minute of last Sunday's game against Mallorca, means that the coach has already promoted up to a total of 22 footballers from the subsidiary.

Pepe Mel adds and continues in his work to enhance the yellow quarry and on this last day he took one more step with the entry of 21-year-old footballer Pau Miguélez to replace Kirian Rodríguez. The Cantabrian footballer, who had already been called up four previous times in the League and in the two Copa del Rey games, finally won his prize in Mallorca to become the last player in a long list of homegrown players to make his debut under the command of the Madrid coach.

Mel's commitment to the subsidiary almost dates back to his arrival at the club with the appearance in the first team of Toni Segura, his first rookie and today a Tamaraceite player, in April 2019, to continue giving way to players like Josep Martínez, who would end up signing at the end of the 2019/2020 season for Leipzig, Cristian Cedrés, Jesús Fortes, Kirian Rodríguez and Carlos González, during his first months on the island bench. Of those footballers, only Cristian Cedrés remains in the first team today, without a record, since he will miss the rest of the season due to a serious knee injury, and Kirian Rodríguez, today a permanent fixture for the coach.

Already last season, in which the Madrid native was able to start the project from the beginning, he gave way to players who are no longer there like Boris, Pablo Haro, Josemi Castañeda and, of course, his great personal bet Pedri, whom he made his debut with 16 years and of which little can be added today with what we are seeing in his matches at FC Barcelona, being indisputable for Ronald Koeman forming an attacking partner every weekend with Leo Messi.

To them we must add other players who have stayed in the yellow discipline, such as goalkeepers Álvaro Valles and the current starting goalkeeper Álex Domínguez, more players like Clau Mendes and central Álex Suárez, who is the player with the most minutes accumulates of the staff, with 1,750 disputed to date. They are followed by other players who remain between the dynamics of Las Palmas Atlético and the vision of Mel waiting their turn such as Pol, Juan Fernández or Dani Martín.

Already this season, Edu Espiau, Ismael Athuman have also debuted in the last matches of 2020, with various starts, and recently Saul Coco and Diego Gutiérrez against Varea in the first round of the Copa del Rey.

Now, with the arrival of the winter market and the more than possible departure of professional players, the coach has already made it clear that “the club told me that the possibility of reinforcement was very scarce and I think it has not changed, which I am attentive to to the quarry. There are a number of footballers that I have already asked who have to go up. I have done that. I hope that the club will listen to me and raise them as happened with others who did and have even been sold ", so it is to be expected that this number of 22 newcomers under his command will expand between now and the end of the season.

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