Pepe and his arrival in Portugal at the age of 18: "Do you have something to eat? I have no money ..."

The central has recounted his first trip to the other side of the ocean and the difficulties he went through, which marked his life. "From that moment I help others."


A new chapter in Pepe's life has come to light. Yesterday the details of his signing for Real Madrid and his adaptation to the white team alongside players like Cannavaro and other galacticos were published in the Expresso newspaper. Now it is known the economic difficulties that happened when he signed for the Maritime, in 2001, with only 18 years. A day that he will never forget and that marked him forever ...

"When I arrived, I had the equivalent of five euros. And I was in the Immigration Service because I came alone from Brazil, at age 18. A fax had to have arrived from the Marítimo saying that I had to enter Portugal. With that money, I had I had to buy a card to call my mother and tell her that she was fine. The other option would have been to buy food. I thought: "I'm going to reassure my mother," "says Pepe.

The Portuguese international still had many layover hours to go to Madeira. "I arrived at 6 am and went to see my boarding pass and had a flight only at 11 pm. And I had to eat. So I went to the Pans & Company at the airport and asked an employee:" You have nothing to eat? "He said yes, he had everything." But I have no money. "He looked at me, came out and came with a tray with a baguette and gave it to me." From then on, I just want to help the children. the rest. It was something that affected me a lot. Even because that person didn't know who I was. And I don't know who he is, either, which is a shame. But that gesture helped me for the rest of my life. And since then, Portugal has become my first choice ”, he says.

Pepe triumphed in the Marítimo and from there came his transfer to Porto. Later the great opportunity came to him at Real Madrid. Nothing has ever been the same ...

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