Papu Gómez does not forget all the times that Simeone went for him

The Argentine, graphically presented by Sevilla, complimented Cholo, Banega and Maradona in his first interview: "It is a pride to wear the same shirt as Diego."


Alejandro Darío 'Papu' Gómez is one of the signings of this winter in Europe. The Argentine, after being presented graphically, gave his first words to the official Sevilla media: "It was all a bit surprising. For me it is a new adventure to come here, to a great club like Sevilla. It is to change your life completely in another country, but I am very happy and enthusiastic ".

"Surely coming to another league is going to be a challenge for me. I have to begin to know how to play here, although I am and have always been a fan of this football. It will be a very beautiful adventure and what I want is to important things with Sevilla and trying to improve everything this club has achieved, "he added.

The Argentine offers to play as soon as Julen Lopetegui wants and where the Basque coach places him: "Surely I lack the rhythm of the game, which gives you 90 minutes, but I was training with the second team of Atalanta and I just have to hold on that rhythm. In recent years I have played in all positions from the center of the field forward. Whatever the coach wants, I am available. I have played on the wings, midfielder, midfielder ... I think I can do well.

And he is not scared of being compared to Éver Banega: "It is a compliment to be compared to Ever. I admire him a lot and have known him for many years. We share a U-20 World Cup and for me he is a phenomenon. Perhaps we are different as players, but that responsibility, that leadership ... I think I had it in all the clubs and I love to hold the ball and try to be the one who decides the pass or important situations. For me it is a beautiful responsibility. "

Being 32 years old, 33 in mid-February, has been the only problem that some have put to his signing. Papu does not consider it a problem: "Today the footballer's career took a long time. If you take care of yourself and you did not have serious injuries, any player who proposes it, takes care of himself and rests can play until 38 or 39. Then there is the ambition of wanting to continue playing every three days in important competitions. That requires a certain rhythm of life, knowing your body and resting. The head does everything and today there are many players my age and older who still make a difference ".

Papu already said for a few months that he wanted to play for Sevilla one day. And it has been fulfilled: "I do not know if it is destiny, but I coincided with many boys who have played here and others who have lived. They have told me very well about Seville as a club and as a city. They asked me in which club in Spain I would like I played and heard so many good things that it came naturally to me. I have been following Sevilla on Instagram for a long time to see the results and the news. I like and am excited about the enthusiasm of the people. It is incredible that today, after ten months, I am here ".

AS published this Thursday that Diego Pablo Simeone, Atlético's coach, has requested his signing several times. Papu recognizes it. He already coincided with Cholo in San Lorenzo de Almagro and then in Catania more than a decade ago: "Before I went to Metalist in Ukraine (2013) Atlético del Cholo, Inter ... El Cholo in my career was It is very important because it catches me in a stage perhaps of rebellion. I was 20 years old and I wanted to do things that I thought were good and they were not. From his experience he helped me a lot, especially in football. He always told me how I would have to play when he came to Europe and we discussed it, but in the end they bought me in Italy to play the way I played with him in San Lorenzo. Then Simeone comes to Catania and makes me grow even more. His entire coaching staff are people I admire and that made me grow ".

Sevilla has an important connection with Argentina: "This club has a very beautiful history with many Argentines who have passed through. Each one has left their mark and I hope it will be my turn to be able to contribute a little to this history and leave my mark here as well. Maradona played here and the Argentines are proud to be able to wear a shirt that Diego also wore ".

The midfielder compared Atalanta and his new club: "Obviously, Sevilla has been entering the Champions League for years very often and has won many European titles. They have this history in recent years, but there is that team parallel perhaps not called 'great' who wants to be fighting in the top positions. Sevilla did very well in recent times ".

Papu had exotic and very juicy offers economically, but he did not pay attention: "Honestly, I was never interested in the financial part. I have had proposals to leave Atalanta for Arab teams, but I always tried to find the football part that made me happy. There is time for the rest. and I think I am in a very good moment, in a stage of maturity in my career and in my life and I wanted to continue playing at a competitive level, being in the national team and being able to compete in an important league like the Spanish one and an important club like this one. When I had the opportunity to come here, I didn't think about it "

Of course, he was questioned by the now famous Papu Dance: "I did it with some youtubers from Italy to help an academy for disabled boys. At first it was for testing, but it ended up being something great that exploded and appeared all over the world. We won a gold record and a platinum record. We never thought it would take on that dimension, but I'm very happy. Of course, at times I was getting tired, because on the birthdays of my children's friends that sounded instead of nursery rhymes and everyone asked me to dance it ".

His physique had an influence on his usual football references: "I always say that I wanted to imitate Pablo Aimar because he was a reference in my position and when he played in River I was 12. Being short I tried to imitate him, D'Alessandro , Saviola, Ariel Ortega ... all those hookups ".

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