Operation Aderlass doctor sentenced to four years in prison for doping

Mark Schmidt has been sentenced to four years and 10 months in prison as the mastermind of the doping plot in which the names of cyclists and skiers appeared.


Operation Aderlass, in which a doping network was dismantled in which several cyclists and skiers were involved, gradually leaves us with the penalties imposed for several of those involved after the trial began last September in a Munich court.

If this Tuesday we learned that the Austrian cyclist Stefan Denifl had been sentenced to two years in prison accused of fraud after admitting that he resorted to blood doping, this Friday it was the turn of the mastermind of the plot, the doctor Mark Schmidt.

Schmidt has been sentenced to 4 years and 10 months in prison after being convicted of 24 counts of use of doping methods and two of prohibited use of drugs. In addition, a three-year ban has been imposed on him to practice sports medicine when he is released from prison.

Operation Aderlass (bloodshed in German) began during a raid on the Nordic Skiing World Championships in Seefeld (Austria), where five skiers were arrested, one of them in full blood transfusion, and which led to the arrest from Schmidt in Erfurt (Germany) .

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