Narváez removes Real Zaragoza from relegation

In the worst match of the JIM era, the Aragonese team sweated Chinese ink to beat Ponferradina thanks to a penalty at the request of the VAR.


In their worst match of the JIM era, Real Zaragoza sweated Chinese ink to defeat Ponferradina, a firm rival with personality, who justified their status as a revelation in the championship at La Romareda. In a night of pick and shovel, and of suffering until the end, the Aragonese team was supported by its defense and the victory was given a clear penalty at the request of the VAR. Zaragoza added its fourth consecutive victory at home and once again sleeps out of relegation, waiting for the match to be completed.

Álex Alegría, in his debut as a starter, and Chavarría, once his federal punishment was completed, were the only two novelties in Juan Ignacio Martínez's lineup, to the detriment of Toro Fernández and Nieto, while Bolo rebuilt his defense with Yac and Adri Castilian as relief of the injured Paris Adot and the sanctioned Amo.

Zaragoza took command from the beginning, with Vigaray and Chavarría striking alternately from the sides and with Zanimacchia, as active as he was confused and run over, trying to unbalance the orderly defense of Ponferradina with his snatches. And so a clear opportunity came very soon, in a very past center from Vigaray's right, which was headed by Colombian Narváez on the plate and Caro conjured like a feline under sticks. But the Berciano team did not come to defend themselves at La Romareda and grew and encouraged as the minutes passed, and Kaxe and Pascanu did not hesitate to try their luck against Cristian Álvarez.

Equality presided over the first part, but when Zaragoza seemed most subdued was when he had the saint face. In the 38th minute, the central Yac cut a cross from Bermejo with his fully extended arm without apparent danger and although Arcediano Monescillo did not score a penalty in the first instance, he received a warning from the VAR and, after reviewing the play on the monitor, rectified his decision . Narváez, Zaragoza's goal man, did not forgive from eleven meters and the Aragonese team went to intermediate with an advantage.

JIM relieved the Italian Zanimacchia at half-time and brought in the Nigerian James, overtaking Bermejo's position, in an attempt to secure more possession, slow the pace of play and seek the penalty on the counter attack. Ponferradina responded with what was expected: it took a step forward at the beginning of the second half and went with all of the law for the tie.

In the 58th minute, immediately after a penalty from Romanian Pascanu to Álex Alegría, Bolo was already at stake for everything, giving entry to Gaspar and Yuri for Pablo Valcarce and Kaxe. The very veteran Brazilian had a spectacular game entry and almost surprised Cristian Álvarez with a Chilean half from outside the area. A quarter of an hour later, Yuri, who gave another dimension to the Ponfe attack, returned to star in the most dangerous action of his team, after a splendid cut to Francés.

A quarter of an hour from the end and when Zaragoza was going through their greatest burden, JIM relieved Bermejo for Toro Fernández, going on to order his team at 4-4-2, and almost followed Adrián through Álex Alegría. The Aragonese team was not able to disturb its rival only once, but it defended at least with order and concert its advantage against a Ponferradina that ended the discount with ten due to the injury of Iván Rodríguez.

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