Messi, to the corner of thinking

The Argentine, who did not play the final of the Super Cup one hundred percent, paid for his impotence with Villalibre. Now you will have time to physically recover and rethink your role.


Messi wanted to play the final of the Super Cup despite not being one hundred percent. The idea went wrong, because the Argentine, despite intervening in Barça's first goal, did not offer the happy version that had been seen only ten days before in Bilbao, and even in Granada, when he was seen finding himself again. The final had a diabolical effect on the team, busted and without a prize; and for the Argentine star, who could not lift his 35th title with Barça and also ended up expelled and risking a sanction that will be between the two and the four games.

A stick for Messi, who seemed to be recovering from a start to the season that he himself confessed difficult, after the episode of the burofax and his obsession to leave Barça, finally frustrated, but who was on the road to full recovery. Those happy images with Pedri in Valladolid and Bilbao; or with Griezmann in Granada, suffered a hard relapse.

In Seville it was once again proven that Messi continues to be above everyone, including the coach. Koeman had to accept the captain's decision to start. Six times Ballon d'Or, Messi has earned that right to decide his career, but the development, and especially the outcome of the final, opens the debate on the appropriateness of all the decisions made by ten. And it makes it possible to wonder if, on occasions, and more so when physical condition is involved, their role could be more relevant in specific, or decisive, moments of the game. And if, especially because of his role as captain, his decisions should not be more aimed at the success of the team, who perhaps would have won more with Messi entering fresh to decide a game in which Koeman, once used the 'joker' Argentine, did not have many other alternatives.

Messi's sanction, which will oscillate between two and four games, will have a negative effect on a team that, very important players as it is, continues to depend to the extreme on its leader. Also, however, it will allow you to recover from your left leg discomfort and, above all, it will give you a new opportunity to rethink your role in the team. Messi is still a definitive player. His competitive hunger and the habit of having ruled football with an iron fist in the last decade, however, sometimes drags him into a look that may already have a point of unreal. It is always remembered that episode of a Champions League tie against PSG in which, with Barça on the ropes and Messi very touched, he came out as a kind of Cid to the Camp Nou to collaborate in the tie that qualified Barça before collapsing against Bayern. So, Messi could do anything.

It is an interesting debate about what Messi's role at Barça should be. One hundred percent of Barcelona fans coincide in their status as deity, and the team's best player by far even these days. Also in the desire to continue. His admirable and highly successful career, however, now deserves from the Argentine's prism a point of chemistry with a team that is in the absolute process of rebuilding and that needs to hold on to a good self-management from Messi, on the field and away. A mix of player who maintains his status as a decisive player but who also knows how to choose the moments to help the team on the pitch, and also outside. Messi seemed to be on that trip. The final episode of the Super Cup, however, with an expulsion that was nothing but the helplessness of the Argentine to see that things that always came out before are no longer so easy, is a good photo for reflection. To know if Messi can continue collaborating with Barça, and Barça with Messi. It is a matter that deserves generosity for both parties. The Argentine, forced to stop by the imminent sanction that awaits him, has a good opportunity to go to the thinking corner. The club ..., the club and its candidates are much more lost than Messi.

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