Messi's last contract amounts to more than 500 million

El Mundo reveals the figures: 138 million maximum per season between fixed and variable; a renewal bonus of 115 and a loyalty clause of almost 78.


El Mundo takes to its cover this Sunday the data of the last contract that Lionel Messi signed with Barça in November 2017. The cover estimates the total of it at 555,237,619 euros according to said media, which ensures that in the contract that the Argentine signed in November 2017, it was established up to a maximum of 138 million season between fixed and variable.

The front page of El Mundo reports that the renewal agreement includes two premiums. One has to do with accepting said renewal set at 115,225,000 euros (renewal premium, it is understood). The second, in terms of loyalty, amounts to almost 78 million euros (77,929,955). El Mundo makes it clear in one of the highlights on its cover that Messi has already secured 92% of the total premium and that it continues to add.

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