Mess in Roma between the players and the coach

The Roma footballers defended the young manager Gianluca Gombar, the only one who paid for the incredible mistake in the Italian Cup.


Roma live days of tension after the absurd elimination in the Italian Cup. The Giallorossi fell to Spezia 2-4 and would have lost anyway, having substituted six players instead of five. The young manager Gianluca Gombar was identified as the culprit in the case and fired, a decision that many of the players did not like at all.

According to 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' reported this Thursday, the players believe that the error was collective and they told Fonseca and his coaching staff, underlining that "it is not fair to blame Gombar if Pellegrini at the time of the change He told everyone on the bench that it was the sixth substitution and to be careful. " The pink newspaper reveals that the discussion "rose in tone" with a direct confrontation between the coach and the squad. The players tried to defend the job of the manager, who receives a salary very far from the salaries of the coaching staff, and they see unfair that he is the only one to pay a mistake made by the whole group. Dzeko, Pellegrini and Pau López were the ones who took the floor and the discussion dragged on to the point that Fonseca had to postpone training from morning to afternoon. And there was no good news either: Pedro and Mkhitaryan were unable to work with the rest of the group due to muscle discomfort.

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