Marcelino and Athletic remember Gaizka Garitano

Marcelino dedicated the title to his deceased father. Thank the staff for the delivery in the 14 days they have been in Bilbao. "I am very proud of them, they are making our work very easy and at the same time let us enjoy it."


Do you already know the Athletic anthem?

Little by little I am learning it. I have been a short time, but it has been very productive.

Nice three days!

The credit goes to the players. Last year with their work they deserved to be here and then they won two games, it is incredible, but the merit is enormous. I would like to remember Aduriz, San José and those who were here and participated in this. And the previous coaching staff, to which an important part of the title belongs. And allow me to dedicate it to my father, who is upstairs (between sobs) .

The team worked hard, with their stamp, and almost no time.

We arrive with all the humility in the world to work and after taking advantage of the previous work to instill the concepts that we want to add. The players are sponges, it is incredible, they want to do everything that is proposed to them, they strive to do it and their performance is there. The group had between eyebrows and eyebrows to win this game and I am very proud of them, they are making our work very easy and at the same time they let us enjoy it.

He said they were like cannons. The Williams thing ...

It was a great goal, a beautiful play, a finish impossible to improve. In the first half, Barça did not deserve to get ahead.

The bar is too high. Three games, one title.

It is impossible to maintain the match-title ratio. I don't know how many semifinals I had to play, to reach a final I was in eight and in two finals I have won. We have achieved it in record time. The Valencia squad and Athletic squad have made us champions, we couldn't be more satisfied.

He is the first coach to win two finals in a row at Barça.

I believe a lot in destiny. For Athletic this title means a lot.

Athletic detail with Garitano

Athletic had a detail with the previous coach: Gaizka Garitano. The entity included him in the photomontage of the celebration of the Super Cup title. Since the coach, until just a few weeks ago, was the architect of Athletic's playing the Super Cup by qualifying the team until the 2020 Cup final.

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