Manuel Soler, Spanish trial legend, dies at 63

He was one of the forerunners of the Spanish trial at an international level, becoming the first pilot in the country capable of winning a World Championship test of the specialty.


Manuel Soler has died at the age of 63, as reported by the Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation. The Catalan was one of the forerunners of Spanish trial at the international level, becoming the first pilot in the country capable of prevailing in a specialty World Championship event.

Born in Barcelona in 1957, he grew up in a family with a great motorcycling tradition in Catalonia, as a great-nephew of Paco Bultó, founder of the Bultaco brand. He was the absolute dominator of the Spanish Trial Championship between 1974 and 1977, a success that encouraged him to try his luck in the World Championship, among other things due to his enormous talent at such a young age.

A skill at the controls of a trial motorcycle that was enough to succeed outside of Spain as well, as he was the first Spaniard to win a grand prix in 1979, riding a Bultaco in Finland. Victory that he repeated three more times already in 1981, although as a Montesa pilot.

Popularly known as 'El Monstruito', he made a decisive contribution to the development of some legendary models of the specialty, as well as opening the way for other riders who have managed to position Spain as the world's leading potential in trials. Rest in peace.

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