Magic sinking on another day enjoyed by Gordon Hayward

39 points and the winning basket for the forward, who sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Orlando reached the fourth quarter winning by a lot and lost.


We finally have the Gordon Hayward from a few years ago. It will be the confidence that signing the contract that he now has in Charlotte has given him, it will be that all his bad leg has ended, it will be that he has grown or it will be whatever, but it seems a reality that Gordon Hayward is seen again He was one of the most decisive forwards in this competition. He has found a place where he feels special again, with plenty of shots to make good numbers and with some teammates who cover him as a leader. Gone is the stage in the Celtics, in which he broke his leg as soon as he arrived and did not raise his head. On the horizon you can see the stage of the Jazz, in which it was that dagger that broke the minds of many rivals. In this meeting in Orlando he finished with 39 points (15/25 in the field goals) and ending the action, a high tray leaving Evan Fournier on the left, which gave the victory to the Hornets with seven tenths of a second to go. the end of the showdown.

What happened to the Magic is less explainable. They had the game under control and they threw it away in the fourth quarter. Okay, they were not only without Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz, long-injured, but also without Aaron Gordon, with pain in his back and hip. But it is not acceptable to enter the final period of the match with 86-74 on the scoreboard and end up losing 104-107. The sinking was tremendous: 4-26 of the partial in eight minutes, with the Magic missing twelve of the thirteen shots they tried in that span. The locals even had to recover from this blow to fight for the victory from below, something they achieved only in part to end up falling before the push of Gordon Hayward and his team.

The match was looking good for the home team. His rival came with four losses in a row in his backpack. Vucevic, the reference for them, reached the not inconsiderable figure of 10,000 points as a player in this League. It was not enough to get the kazoo and the noisemaker, but to feel good. The Magic responded well to that feeling and made it their own not only during the first half, but afterwards as well.

A 12-2 run early in the second quarter with two 3s by Cole Anthony opened the gap for the Magic to control the game until that fateful final set. The sinking of the Blues was impressive and leaves them, precisely, below in the table of those who today were their rivals.

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