Madrid-Valencia: clash of the titans between Tavares and Dubljevic

The Taronja team has gotten into the Cup after a great final sprint (9 victories in a row) and will face Madrid, with no luck in the draw. Abalde before your exes.


Real Madrid had no fortune in the draw. The leader, after the first round, has had a grown Valencia Basket (nine wins in a row in the Endesa League) and that will surely finish in the top four this season. The curiosity is put by Alberto Abalde, who left the taronja team this summer for Madrid. Prepelic went the opposite way, but the White House did not count on him. In the previous three, Madrid triumph.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid defends the title won in Malaga, with an almost identical team although with a great absentee: Facundo Campazzo, who headed to the NBA in December. Despite the fact that the Argentine's departure opened a debate on the need to strengthen the base position (Heurtel was the chosen one), Madrid decided to go to the market in search of a pivot - shortly after Anthony Randolph's injury - to give Rest to Walter Tavares. The chosen one was Alex Tyus.

The best of Real Madrid

Madrid is known by heart and usually grows in important moments. Tavares is the most dominating center in Europe and makes a difference. The signing of Alberto Abalde has been a success and the old guard has moments of great inspiration. Campazzo's departure served as a boost for a team in which many have stepped forward.

The worst of Real Madrid

Despite the signing of Alex Tyus, the interior game of the white team falls a bit short, with the injury of Anthony Randolph and the secondary role of Felipe Reyes. Tavares is squeezed and has moments in which that fatigue is noticeable. The management, with a Laprovittola who has gone from looking for a team in the summer to starting the team and a very young Carlos Alocén, can also raise some doubts.

Valencia Basket

Valencia Basket did not start the national course very well. Although in the Euroleague he had his best ever start (7-3), in the Endesa League things were not going so well and he has gotten into the Copa del Rey after a good final sprint (nine wins in a row). A very powerful squad, which has been well strengthened this summer, and which aspires to take one more step this year. The Cup, the first opportunity to do so.

The best of Valencia Basket

Has been right with the signings. Kalinic is one of the safest forwards in Europe and Prepelic has taken the chestnuts out of the fire already on occasion. Dubljevic continues to be the heart of a team with a very powerful inside game (Labeyrie, Tobey ...). And this summer he has also looked to the future with the arrival of a talent like Jaime Pradilla, with minutes in the team.

The worst of Valencia Basket

Injuries have been a nightmare for Jaume Ponsarnau, who lost Marinkovic at the beginning of the season and was unable to count on Joan Sastre for much of the season. Derrick Williams came to be a benchmark, but has raised some doubts at the beginning of the season. Too intermittent.

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