Madrid and Barça plant Tebas in the LaLiga TV organ

The two greats did not attend today's meeting of the TV organ as a protest to the inclusion in a point of the agenda the "European Super League Project".


Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have not attended today's meeting of the LaLiga Audiovisual Rights Control Body. For the first time since this body exists, Barça and Madrid have not attended one of its meetings. His absence was motivated by a protest against LaLiga's decision to include an item dedicated to the Super League on the agenda for today's meeting.

Those responsible for Real Madrid and Barcelona believe that it was not appropriate to debate in this body about the Super League project. In addition, this body does not contemplate talking about external competitions, as provided for in Article 10 of Title V of Book XI of the General Regulations, which specifies the powers of the known among the clubs as "television organ" .

The Agenda for today's meeting had the following items: “1. Constitution of the Control Body. 2. Reading and, where appropriate, approval of the minutes of the previous meeting of the Control Body held on January 11, 2021 (Minutes No. 39). 3. EUROPEAN SUPERLEAGUE PROJECT, Authors, short, medium and long term League competition effects. 4. Requests and Questions ”.

When Real Madrid and FC Barcelona received the order of the day, they sent an email to say that they were not going to attend a meeting that spoke of the European Super League in a body that has no competence to speak about it. In addition to protesting this point on the agenda, Madrid complained about the documentation it had sent them because it was only about "press clippings from media subsidized by LaLiga" .

For this season, and in accordance with the elections held between September and October 2020, Atlético de Madrid and the Deportivo Alavés, of First, and Ponferradina, of Second. The other member is the president of LaLiga.

During the meeting, in addition to talking about the Super League, Javier Tebas, present as LaLiga president, referred to the draft of how the new Champions League will be, a matter that is not among the powers of the LaLiga Audiovisual Rights Control Body . Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO of Atlético and vice president of LaLiga, also intervened, who assured that he was unaware of the European Super League project, that no one has informed him and that he was flatly against it. Alfonso Fernández Trocóniz, president of Alavés, thanked and praised them for their words.

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