Long live football! 0 goals, one chance and 373 turnovers

Getafe and Alavés indigestible at lunchtime playing to make fouls. Only two shots between the three clubs and one was a rebound. Bordalás and Abelardo, happy.


Soccer is a game (or sport) that consists of two opposing teams trying to score a goal by putting the ball into the opponent's goal. Getafe and Alavés played something else. Mainly, to make mistakes. Bad interpretation no matter how modern it is. The best was the referee, without a doubt, the person who had to intervene the most in the game and who almost always did it correctly. They didn't make it easy.

To get an idea of what the game was like, the first time that the closest thing to a scoring chance occurred came in the 29th minute. A shot (or attempt) aimed at Pina's goal that was lost five meters above the stringer. The replica was not much better. The first shot between the three sticks was a shot from the ground by Take Kubo which, thanks to the fact that it bounced off the tibia of a rival, the ball took the direction of the goal and came rolling gently into Pacheco's hands.

Taking into account that the match was played at lunchtime, it was quite indigestible. That's where we were when a ray of light fell on the Coliseum. It was the 39th minute. In a corner kick, and not without missing a rebound, Jaime Mata finished off clearly, catching goalkeeper Pacheco out of place. The ball went in yes or yes, but under the crossbar and guarding the vineyard was Tachi, who correctly avoided the goal by clearing his head. Damn Tachi! Mata would think. Blessed Tachi! Shout Pacheco.

At the break there was zero goals, two shots (one rebound) between the three sticks and almost 200 lost balls (97 from Getafe and 95 from Alavés). Fortunately, there was no public in the stands to pay for admission.

After the restart, Getafe raised their suffocating pressure a couple of degrees. However, it was Alavés who came closest to the goal, in a finish line and center behind Rioja that Martin finished off but blocked by throwing himself to the ground Cucurella.

It is assumed that the initial intention of the two teams was to win the match, but once neither believed it, much less tried, in the end, the two coaches understood that when you cannot win, the best thing is to draw, and to maintain your clean sheets they spent the last quarter of an hour (as if they hadn't done it before too) .

Even so, a header from Arambarri in the 89th minute was almost a goal. Of course, it wasn't between the three poles, but it was barely half a meter beyond the pole. It was the best chance of the second half.

Abelardo: "This point will make us grow morally"

What happened to Lucas and Laguardia?

Lucas yesterday had a very strong shock in the instep and it was impossible and Laguardia had a discomfort in the abductor and has not had good sensations in the warm-up.

What taste in your mouth does the tie leave?

It was not a very showy match. We have been with intensity and we added a point against a great rival. We have competed as a team for ninety minutes. The draw is positive after the bad taste of the last games. With the changes we try to give continuity in a direct football match. In the end they pushed us a little further and we dug further behind.

Does this game leave you calm after your bad start on the bench?

I was not nervous. The team has played as such. Getafe has not caused us situations or has given many passes in a row. Alavés showed character and pride and that's why we got a positive result. It was very even and I was very happy. This point will make us grow morally. -JA de la Rosa

Bordalás: "We have a clear deficit at the offensive level"

Has the fear of losing weighed?

My team faced the game to win and that has been the idea from start to finish. It was a work game with little game and many fouls. There were many interruptions. It is also a consequence of the new football. We have tried. We had the two clearest occasions.

What did you think of Chakla in his debut and why did he play with another scheme?

He has barely been able to be with us. He has played because we have many casualties and only one natural center available. We were coming from a resounding defeat and we changed the drawing to avoid taking risks. He has been involved and attentive.

How do you rate the point?

We know very little because the objective was to win against a direct rival and with great need. It has not been. We cannot find the spaces that are needed to generate occasions. You have to continue because it will be very difficult until the end with this equality.

Are you more concerned about the offensive level now?

We have a deficit at an offensive level compared to previous seasons. We score few goals in favor, we are the second least. That's why midfield players came forward and they must step up because the team needs them. We are working to improve that deficit. -JA de la Rosa

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