Leicester goes for the Premier

The 'Foxes' have once again given a football lesson tonight by going over a Chelsea full of stars with more name than performance.


He is never taken too seriously for the title pools because of the name, but Leicester always strives to prove otherwise. Let's see who dares to deny that Leicester is one of the greats of England in the last 5 years. Today, before a Chelsea full of stars with more name than performance, the 'Foxes' have once again given a football lesson going over some blues that did not measure up once again. Lampard, no matter how much legend he carries behind his back, the seams are beginning to show too much. Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers' men are already the first solo, waiting for what Manchester and Liverpool do.

As in the last matches, the English coach continued to deflate his souffle everywhere. From Mendy, who is not the same one who seemed unbeatable, to Havertz, who exemplifies better than anyone the gradual blackout that Chelsea's star constellation has suffered. Neither he, nor Werner, seem to finish adapting to the change from the Bundesliga to the Premier League, where not only do they have to compete for the best results, but they also have to compete against 19 teams that put things very, very difficult. From the first to the last of them.

Leicester, who is competing for the title, of course was not going to be less, and Ndidi, taking advantage of a loose ball in the front of the area after a corner, took a volley so unorthodox that it could have sent the ball to Logroño, but fortunately for him he went near Mendy's post to do the first one.

Luck was not aligned with Chelsea either when the VAR re-refereed a penalty they had been awarded as a foul, and, practically on the next play, Maddison put ground in between with a heads up that left the blue defense portrayed. In fact, in the second half, the Foxes had one more annulled, although it is true that they also took one away from Werner in 86 for a millimeter offside.

Photos from as.com
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