"Mourinho's latest humiliation of Alli is a dictatorial act"

In his column in the Daily Mirror, Stan Collymore, former Real Oviedo forward, harshly charges against Jose Mourinho and the situation with Alli.


Stan Collymore, once prolific Liverpool striker and an old acquaintance of LaLiga after less than six weeks in Oviedo to hang up his boots for good, has charged hard against Jose Mourinho because of the situation that Dele Alli is experiencing at Tottenham Hotspur.

Stone's former striker calls Dele's absence from the list against Sheffield a "dictatorial act" and a "cruel humiliation". In his place, Gelson Fernandes entered, and Collymore exploded.

"For Dele Alli, being left out of the team for Fernandes has been the ultimate insult. Alli can be many things but not a bad professional. You may think that he has not played at a sufficient level, that he is lazy in training, but if you think that one One of the best players of the best generation in the history of Tottenham deserves the indignity of having someone ahead who has not done anything at the club (Fernandes), you have to change your way of thinking. It is unforgivable for Jose Mourinho ", said the former striker in his column.

A Collymore would not lack a good criticism for the midfielder, but he ends up better than his coach. "Don't get me wrong, Alli has made merits to be criticized by the coach. Alli is a big boy and Mourinho sees him train every day and, obviously, he sees something he doesn't like but I still don't understand what Alli has been able to do that I put him in the category of "dealing with total disrespect" and that's what I find embarrassing. Normally, a coach would say, "Look, man, you're not my type. Talk to your agent and if you get this offer, you can go. "But putting Fernandes on the bench in front of Alli is a hostile act by a coach to tell you that he wants you to leave now," adds Collymore, who remembers his departure of Aston Villa, in which he ended up forced to train with the subsidiary without any possibility of playing.

After recalling his experience, Collymore activates the countdown. According to him, this conflict already puts Mourinho on the starting ramp. "This is the revenge that I talk about Mourinho sometimes. It is not enough for him to tell someone that he has to do more and show him the way forward, he has to rub it on the player's nose, over and over again. As long as it works He will have his followers eating out of his hand but remember, he is treating Alli like a dog that will one day bite him on the butt. Because players tend to be sheep before a dictator like him but they never forget. Mourinho better follow winning, because the countdown to his departure has already begun, "he says.

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