Laso: "The Red Star has changed in recent days"

Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso has valued the duel between the white team and the Red Star at the WiZink Center.


Pablo Laso, coach of Real Madrid, spoke again about the Red Star, after the game was suspended due to snow last Wednesday and that it will be played next Monday, stating that "it is a team that has changed in the last fifteen days "

"We have to reposition the situations that we talked about last week with the Red Star. They have also had a game in between against Valencia and watch what they have put in again. We have to try to get the team back in that pre-game we did against the Red Star and face it with the maximum guarantees, "said Laso in statements to the club's website.

"The Red Star is a team that has changed in the last fifteen days with the new coach (Dejan Radoncic) and the arrival of Quino Colom, Lloyd's dismissal, who is a very different player. They are competing very well and watching the Valencia's match competed well for many minutes, "he added.

Regarding the analysis of the rival, the coach stated that "he has quite versatile pivots. Usually Kuzmic starts, whom we had here and is very dominant on the inside. From there, he rotates with players who can open like Bryant and even can play with four little ones with Davidovac ".

"He has a lot of outside play and the false four. They can also play blocking and continuation with Colom and Walden. And then the growth of Serbian players from the house like Lazic or Dobric", concluded Pablo Laso.

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