Laso on Rudy's injury: "They're going to do tests tomorrow"

The coach explained that Tyus also ended up touched: "Tavares accumulates minutes and Tyus could not give him rest because he injured his ankle."


Pablo Laso, Real Madrid coach, acknowledged that they had "played a bad game" and specified that "the only salvageable thing was that the team fought to the end." "We congratulate the Red Star, but we had a bad game, with bad shooting percentages, on the rebound we could have dominated more and we had very little continuity in the game. With the errors that we have had, the only salvageable thing has been that the team He has fought to the end, "said Laso.

"What we have to do is turn the page because this week we have another two difficult games against Maccabi and at home, on Sunday, against Morabanc Andorra," he added. Nicolás Laprovitola scored 10 points and distributed 10 assists. "Nico is complying. I am not a big fan of numbers, but it was not his best game despite double to double," he said. Walter Tavares was not as decisive as on other occasions.

Regarding the possible injury of Rudy Fernández, the coach could not advance much. "The blow has been very strong. Now when hot it is difficult to know the scope. Tomorrow they will test it and hopefully it will only be a blow," concluded Pablo Laso.

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